Items on the Purchases page on the official site can be purchased with real money with the intention of benefiting the player. Paypal and E-Gold are accepted.

Since there are no plans for a game reset, the items purchased will benefit the player for a period of time.

Purchase moves: Moves cost $0.01 for each of the first 500, and are $0.005 more for each additional move over 500 purchased. These moves are anytime moves, which can be used at anytime and are not affected by the daily move reset.

Premium Membership: Premium Memberships grants the player access to the complete Hall of Fame and their personal activity log. A useful and favorable bonus is that Premium Memberships lets the player start off the next day where they stopped at the previous day. This potentially lets the player earn even more Mars Dollars than what free members can obtain. The player can also purchase more moves along with the Premium Membership for $0.02 per move. These moves reset every day, meaning that if one pays $2.95, then that player will be given an extra 50 moves a day. The moves are subject to the daily reset.

Premium Memberships cost $2.95 per week plus $0.02 per move.

Homestead Move: For $12.95, the player may move their homestead to any sector of the world map of their choice. The outer sectors (ones that are touching the perimeter of the world map) are technically reserved for those who purchase homestead moves. Co-ordinates are possibly random. Useful if the player is bombarded by stronger players on a daily basis, and the outer sectors can hold ungoverned settlements.

Is a one-time use item.

Purchase Radar Upgrade: Simply purchase a radar upgrade for a price. Radars have been said to increase the amount of daily Mars Dollar income the player gets. The price of a level 1 radar upgrade is $3.95 and the cost of a level 2 upgrade is $8.95.

See Radar

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