Pure Chä is a healing Chä in the Bless Zodiac.

To become a Pure Chäotic you must be in the White Alignment and in the Healing, Supernatural, or Hero class.


Here is a brief description of Pure Chä powers.


  • Remove Poison: Removes any poison or toxic substance from items, food, or beings. This power also helps the Chäotic detect poison.
  • Remove Sickness: Removes any sickness or disease the subject. this power also helps the Chäotic detect sickness in beings.
  • Remove Curse: Removes any curses or negative effects that have been induced on the subject. The Chäotic also gets help detecting curses from this power.
  • Remove Inhibitor: Removes any mental or physical challenges that the subject has. The simplest example would be removal of Writer's Block.

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