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Pure Souls is an RPG game based on the anime series Bleach. It is based around the character Rukia, and her discovery into her past life as a human.


Pure Souls currently has twelve games in the series, and the final thirteenth game has been announced. However, the game creators have expressed interest in creating further games in the series.


The games are focused on the search for the legendary Pure Soul, a person who's past life as a human was as a god, rather then a human being, who shall bring peace to the spirit world.

The series has seen many different characters trying to find the pure soul (the main characters are Ichigo, Sado, Kurosaki, Ishida, Zaraki and Yumichika), who do not know that the Pure Soul is closer then the think.

Despite original thoughts, the main character in all of the games is Rukia, despite the fact that she has never been the starting character, nor is she always a playable character (Rukia was last playable in Pure Souls IX).


Pure Souls is an RPG game created in RPG Maker XP. It features a system in which the player concentrates more on advancing the levels of their character to become stronger then getting better weapons.

A few games in the series (II, III, VI, VIII, IX, X and XII) have had temporary characters who the player can control for short parts of the game. Their equipment is always locked, and they are usually stronger then most characters.

The majority (all of the games aside from I, II, VII, VIII, XI and XII) have featured the death of a character (in III, IV and VI one of these was also the main character).

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