PurebredGamer, A.K.A Pure_Bred, A.K.A l337 M4X, A.K.A. Wario03, A.K.A Nintendork 56, A.K.A REX, A.K.A R-Dogg, A.K.A Spiderman. His real name is Max Stubbs, and is a more unknown and less controversial poster on G-A-J, although he contributes his fair share or subject matter from the Relevant to the absolutely Absurd.

How He Found GAJ


Purebred is known by many to heavily research trivial information for the joy of finding every little detail on a subject. On one such occasion, he began crawling through many, many pages of how the Grand Theft Auto series has been controversial to the world. On one such page, he found a link to the original Gamers Against Jack Thompson forum, which he gladly joined after reading the many atrocious things Jack Thompson had said in the past. Shortly after joining the page, the forum went down, and Purebred was separated from the site for many months before rediscovering He also attempted to help others join the site by advertising on the now defunct (but still operating) Nightsgame forums (created to alleviate the stress of posting with the idiots in the G4 forums), of which he was at one time a moderator. *more on that later.*

His Time on GAJ


Pure has been a generally good poster, and has contributed some meaningful as well as humorous content to the site, while generally avoiding combat and controversy usually associated with gaming forums. At one point during his membership, PurebredGamer left the site for about 3-4 months, mostly due to the allure of blogspace and personalization on and However, he has returned, albeit is no longer such a big poster as he once was, having mellowed out and become more outgoing in the real world.

Nightsgame Forums


Nightsgame [1] was a site which was created by G4 user Priest Revan for the sole purpose of giving members a new place to post, away from the flame wars, pre-pubescent children, and trolls. Purebred is still a member of this site, although he has not visited it in a year or two, and has no information as to its current status, or if he remains a moderator.

Purebred, the Forum Eater.


One quirk of PurebredGamer is that he enjoys varying topics of discussion, and joins many, many forums, sometimes as much as 4 in a week. As far as video game forums go, he has been a member of G4, GamingHorizon, Nintendo, Nightsgame, Life To Morrowind, G-A-J 1 and 2, Guitar Hero, and countless others that he can not remember the names of at this point in time. He has also joined many other forums, dedicated to the likes of: Ozzy Osbourne, Metallica, AC/DC, Kid Rock, 50 Cent, Eminem (by far the worst site for flame wars ever), IGN, Spaceballs, various 3DO games, Myspace, Pokemon, Mario, Halo, and more.

Personality Traits


Known For: Customising Everything he gets his hands on.,Writing Poetry, Random comments, love of Black Sabbath, Disdain for Sony brand products, Love of Classic Games, and Extensive trivial Knowledge of various Companies and their software.


Friends: Everyone on GAJ amd Mr. Killums (Pictured on Left)

What Users Think of PurebredGamer


  • A Nintendo Fanboy, but I wont hold that against him ;) But seriously, Nintendo is good; at least he isnt an Xbox fanboy O_O . A good, fun poster. Always willing to chip in. - Matt44au
  • Of what I've seen. He's looney tunes and thats a good thing. Familyghost

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