Purple Slippers (or The Tale of Purple Slippers) is a fan fiction created by Kino Lala on


Every cartoon gets their moment to shine, but one had been living in the Tooniverse for nine years and never got her chance.

But who was this toon? What was she like? And most importantly, was she a toon?



  • Alexia/Purple Slippers: The protagionist of the story. Shortly after losing her mother, Alexia ran away to avoid being put in a children's home. From the age of five to eight, Alexia roamed the country alone, stirring up trouble wherever she went. While in Chicago, Alexia became the owner of a pair of purple ballet slippers found at a rummage sale.

Alexia hails from Dickinson, North Dakota. She has blond hair and deep brown eyes. She was born in 1970.

  • Clara F. Jameson: Alexia's mother. Clara had worked at a diner called "Bee-Bee's," where she was shot and killed while protecting her friend Phyllis Norman from her ex-boyfriend Herman Valenti. She was born on March 13, 1945 and died June 17, 1975, at the age of thirty.

Clara doesn't appear to have any other relatives asides from her daughter. Clara has blond hair and navy blue eyes.

  • Mrs. Rowe: A neighbor and friend of Clara's; babysitter to Alexia. She is middle-aged and doesn't often let Alexia watch television all day. Her only known relatives are her husband, Mr. Rowe, and a niece.
  • Wagner: Not much is known about this man. According to Clara, this was the last name of Alexia's real father. From what we know about him, Wagner was already married when he met Clara, so it is highly assumed that Alexia was born out of wedlock. Wagner is also a well-known businessman.
  • Alonzo: A street kid from Chicago. He is the leader of the group Alexia joins during her time in said-city, called "The Raccoons." Alonzo is of Italian descent.
  • Freddy and Jimmy: Twin boys of Asian descent. They are part of Alonzo's group of street children.
  • Lily: Another street kid who lives in Chicago. Lily is part of Alonzo's group. She is the first to befriend Alexia.
  • Bobby, Ruth, Ed, and Sam: These children make up another street kid group, this one called "The Beavers." They are the rivals of Alonzo and his group. Bobby is the leader, with his sister Ruth as second-in-command.
  • Tina and Cindy: Identical twin girls who work at a shoe table at a rummage sale held in the parking lot of the St. John Canticus Church. They were the ones who gave Alexia the purple pair of ballet slippers she wears.


The year Alexia gets sucked into the Tooniverse is in 1979, and she comes out nine years later, in 1988. So cartoons that were made after '88 will not appear. That includes characters from The Simpsons, Rugrats, Family Guy, and Hey Arnold!.


The Story

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