Purpleman101 is a young comic maker of the comic land. He likes to fight but not all the time (only people he can beat). He has 2 Takadox blades and his background history is yet to be found


Purpleman101's personalites are: Agner managment issues, ticklish, humorus (sometimes), clumsy.


His comics are right [[1]]<<<there. Sorry if the link doesn't work or the page isn't public yet...

He is actually a nice he...


His life is going to be very long. But he will have to face many dangers through it. His life as a comic maker is great. But is taking a break from it for 2 weaks, lol. He really lives in his comic studios.


His intrests are runescape, bzpower, bionicle, lego, lunch, recess, you know, pacman, and all that.


Can't really show it right now, lol. Sorry.

Made up Corporations

USSco (sorry guys, I didn't know it was a real corporation, don't sue plz), and 4 cows productions.

A long paragraph about him

  Purpleman101 is a very nice guy. But sometimes gets anger spurs or can become random. He is very selfish and everytime he looses a tooth, he gets 20$. Summer is probobally when he is most active. On any type of vacation. Look out for his comix durring the summer, because there will be alot more new ones.
  Well... he likes pie, pi (the number pi) and that stuff.

Gtg, bi!

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