Purpure is possibly the first character who is half furry and half catgirl. Because of her mixed heritage, she was cursed to be a prostitute for the rest of her life. Her Lion grandmother, Sapphire Lion, did not like catgirls, and was sure all catgirls are prostitutes. Pur's mother, Queenie, was a prostitute and actually never married Rex, Pur's father.

In heraldry, the word Purpure symbolizes the color purple. This was the color of Pur's fur. Pur usually remains in a catgirl form with sticking up ears and a tuft of black hair on her tail.She is extremely tall, over 6 feet.

Pur has thick black hair, an orange colored face, and cat's feet as well as a thin-as-sticks body. Due to the harlot curse, she has giant breasts and her clothes are usually very skimpy. Her birthday is on 23 November 1825.

She is the great great great great (You get the idea.) grand niece of Crystal Lion. When she was 13, she lost her virginity to a customer, but not without a fight. Pur was auctioned off due to her rebellious manner, something the pander didn't want in his catgirl whores. Purpure's uncle, Prince, purchased her and released her from prostitution. Two years later, due to pressure from her royal grandmother, Pur left and became a pirate.

Her voice is high pitched and sounds like Asumi Nakata. When she is angry her voice harshens slightly and sounds like a Lion.

She takes after her father more than Sapphire Lion would like to admit, as Queenie was a ditzy lass of low virtue and let anyone have 'his way with her', so to speak. Her ears aren't sticking out sideways like pure Japanese catgirls, but stick upwards like a furry's ears. The ears are also located near the back of the head, resembling a real animal's ears.


Pur is very impolite towards everyone, preferring to throw all the remarks back instead of replying properly. She has an accent which makes her l's sound like r's. For instance, she says 'melody' as 'merody'. Later, this accent becomes clearer and she sounds like her Spanish ancestors.

Legend has it a panther is loved by all while a lion is brave and noble. Pur was loved by many people because of her catgirl blood, and she is a very brave girl indeed. She is very frank and not afraid to voice her opinions about anyone, even if they happen to be well respected by everyone else.

The harlot curse was supposed to make Pur hated by everyone else as people during the 19th century hated harlots and looked down on them. But Pur is loved by everyone although she's a harlot. This is more because of her paradox of a personality. Despite being rude, she is willing to help.


Although she's a Lion, she has very few of these abilities due to her mixed blood and her curse. But she does have some powers. Among them are the Roar of Incense, a panther ability. Roar of Incense will cause enemies to be stunned for a short time. The smell may win the weaker enemies over.

The only Lion ability she has is the ability to speak 'Tongue of the King', an animal language that humans do not know.

Owing to gypsy ancestry, Pur finds dancing an effortless affair, but the dances aren't very formal.

What she can't do.

Pur is so bad at swordfighting, she loses almost every time. She is also poor at loading cannons.

Sidekicks and friends.

Pur's main sidekick is a mouse named Mousey. That's not a joke. Mousey is the size of a fully grown rat although she's a mouse(Mus musculus). She has many human friends.

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