Puss was the incumbent when Gerard was born.

The Story


No information is available about pre-Gerard cat(s) at this time.

Elder years

When I was a small boy, Puss was an elderly black she-cat. Puss probably deserved to enjoy a happy and lazy retirement but unfortunately for her, I considered her to be one of my playthings. She often had to flee from me when I decided to chase her and pull her tail. Then, one evening Puss had an accident. She fell from a high shelf, the only place safe from tail-tuggers and injured her back. The vet was called and he said there was nothing to be done but to 'put the cat to sleep'. This seemed to register alarm with me and I proceeded to assault the poor vet, a very nice man who had been a good friend of the family. In the event, the deed was done and the next day the older lads organised a fine funeral in the back-garden. From that day, the house remained catless for a number of years.

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