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  • A Small Kirby boy is seen traning with his dad in a small Village on a hill*

Kirby Boy: *training with a sword,cutting down some tree's*

Dad: This will most likely help you when you're older...

Kirby Boy: *nods and continues*

  • Years Later*

Poyo: *sitting on the hill,was the Kirby Boy,in the distance he see's an army coming*...Dedede's army...I have to warn everyone...

  • the Villagers had already seen,they are running around screaming*

Poyo: ... *takes out his sword and dashes at the army,slashing at some Waddle Dee's. He then sees Dedede*The king...*sighs*I can't hurt him...

Dedede: *sees Poyo*What's this? You're a pretty strong kirby,aren't ya?

Poyo: I guess so...

Dedede: Hm..How would you like to join my army?

Puyo: I'm sorry sir but the answer is no....

Dedede: Then I'm gonna have to kill ya. WADDLE DEE'S,GET HIM!

Poyo: O_O!? *Summons his Warp Star,gets on and flies away*

Dedede: We'll find him some other time...Meanwhile...

Poyo: *flying around,he can hear the screaming,he then sees a giant explosion happen on the village*OH MY GOD! O_O *Flies faster*

  • down in the destroyed village is a Shadow Kirby*
  • There are several dead/injured Villagers and some of Dedede's army is dead and injured. DDD himself is knocked out*
  • The Shadow Kirby smirks a bit and vanishes*

Poyo: *looks down,seeing the destruction,sighs*

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