BattleChip Data
Alt. Namesnone
ElementIconelemless None
ComponentsM-Cannon K
Shotgun K
CrossGun K
Spreader K
GamesBattle Network 1

PwrCanon (alternatively PowerCannon) is an immensely versatile Program Advance. It is comprised of M-Cannon, Shotgun, CrossGun, and Spreader. The combination of power and area coverage comes together in this particular combo. Not only is the base power 200 damage, but because of its spreadblast, it can hit as many as nine targets, totalling a gargantuan 1800 damage (normally 600, as there are usually only three targets maximum).

As a powerful Shotgun advance, the blast will hit all adjacent tiles, dealing 200 damage to all nine panels.

BattleChip Data
MegaMan Battle Network - Program Advance
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BattleChip Data

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