Pyramid of the Crocodile is the ninteenth episode of Digimon Adventure.

The English version is written by Adolph Green and Betty Comden.


The DigiDestined are busing examining a large generator of sorts that is attached to many wires spread across the land.

During the battle, Dr. Frankenstein and Captain Hook escape, with Hook taking Sora and Biyomon with him. They escape through another firewall and Tai follows. He is about to foolishly walk right through the wall and has to be held back by Mimi. Izzy has to make him realize that his life in this world is in as much danger as in the Real World, due to the fact that they are linked. Tai panics and freezes, loosing all the courage he previously had when he realizes he could be seriously injured and lets Captain Hook and Dr. Frankenstein get away. They soon got back to continue to battle with the DigiDestined. Suddenly Matt and Genie appear with their Digimon and force Tai and the others to escape. Once they escaped the Pyramid, Captain Hook and Dr. Frankenstein were furious with the retreat, so they plan to find a Sorcerer to control their minds and Dr. Frankenstein had just one answer; Jafar. Tai is in tears over his mistake and can do nothing but blame himself for not being able to rescue Sora. However, Mimi comforts him sweetly and tells him that he will rescue Sora. To make Tai feel better, she gives him a passionate kiss, though the others were quite startled. Genie told Gonzomon that if Tai's on his own, they shall have to do some Matchmaking and to make sure that Tai and Sora stay together.


(OPENING SCENE:  Captain Hook: Blast those DigiDestined!

Captain Hook: We'll make sure that the blasted Crocodile will never find us here.

Dr. Frankenstein: Gotten Himmel! They're gone!

Captain Hook: And this is all their faults.

Dr. Frankenstein: Never mind, Captain. You kidnapped Sora and Biyomon. Maybe, they'll be the perfect bait for the DigiDestined.

Captain Hook: Quite right, Victor, quite right. Bring the devices, stoke up the furnace! We've got work to do!

Dr. Frankenstein: And this time, those Mangy DigiDestined will never get that far. And i think i know the man we need.

Captain Hook and Dr. Frankenstein: Jafar!

(Outside the Sphinx, Tai started to cry as the others surround him. They looked really quite sad for him.)

Tai: (Crying) It's all my fault! Sora, it's all my fault!

(Mimi slowly walks towards him. Groucho tries to stop her, but Joe grabs Groucho's arm. She then crouches on her knees in front of Tai and puts her hands on his shoulders.)

Mimi: Don't cry. Why didn't you go into the firewall and save Sora in time when she got kidnapped by Captain Hook, Tai?

Tai: (Crying) I couldn't.... I couldn't move!

Mimi: I know you couldn't move, but you were very brave, Tai. I'm sure Sora will proud of what you've tried to do. That doesn't mean that you should give up, you'll definately bring her back.

Tai: (Crying) But Mimi, it's all my fault!

Mimi: It's never your fault, Tai. It's never your fault. You never give up on anything, not even saving one's life or another. You never think about yourself or blame yourself for nothing. You are a very brave boy. It doesn't matter if she never came back ever again or if she never came here like us. We came here because we are here for a purpose. You would never turn your back on your firends, not even Sora. You never give up. You never do.

Tai: (Crying) How can I be? She's a girl!

Mimi: She's more than that, she's your friend. And you must save her from Captain Hook and look after her and protect her and think about what's best for her. This is for Sora when you free her from a Magic Spell.

(Mimi kisses Tai in the lips and embraces him. Joe and Groucho gasp.)

T.K. and Harpo: Blech!

Kari and Chico: Yuck!

Agumon: What do you think that is, Gabumon?

Gabumon: Oooh, looks like a hidden kiss.

(Gummo's Jaw drops.)

Matt: Hmm. Haven't thought about that in years. But it just might work. Mind if i had a chat with you, Groucho?

Groucho: Uh...not at all, Matt. I'm always free for a chat.

Matt: Well then, you shall be interested.

Gonzomon: What do you think that kiss means, Genie?

Genie: Who knows, Gonzomon. That kiss could only mean one thing. If Tai wants to find Sora when he's on his own, we'll have to do some Matchmaking.

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