Pyrokinesis is the art of controlling flame and heat using Psi Energy. At low level this can manifest as putting a candle out, while at higher levels it can be possible to put out larger flames with the mind or use flame powers and abilities. Pyrokinesis is one of the more well known Psychokinetic disciplines. It should be noted that the practitioner of Pyrokinesis should be careful to avoid burning himself, other people or objects accidentally.


Heating Up

You can do this with a thermometer or judge the increase in heat by yourself. Focus on using Psi Energy to make the particles in the air speeding up, move faster and release more and more energy. After this, visualize heat and hot things, such as a thermometer going higher and higher until it shatters, an oven or other heat source, a small ember catching fire, etc. Use any of these or others that come to your mind to do this. It works better when you do all of them. In a small enough place after enough practice, the temperature will rise, and you will be able to create psychic and maybe even physical flames.

Dancing Flame

Have a lit candle or other fire, focus on it and try to create a tunnel between you and the flame (or you can focus on the candle moving without making the tunnel), then focus on the candle and use your mind to move in the direction you want it to move in. You can also use this technique to put out candles or other fires, just make the tunnel (once again that is a choice), and program it to decrease the heat or cover it up so no oxygen can get to it.

Dancing Flame (other technique)

Just concentrate on moving it in a certain direction, make it move in one direction, then the other, make it spin, make it move off of the candle and spin it in a wheel of fire, make it spin the other direction, make it bigger, then smaller, then put it out by envisioning it going out. Then try to relight it. It may not relight at first, but after a few weeks, it should start to work. Theoretically, you could also superheat the fire, or make it spin in a flaming ring.

Fire Shield

To make a Fire Shield, breathe Psi Energy into your body through your Dan Tien. After this, imbue the energy with fire. Think of your body burning. Now project all of that energy into the space in front of you as a wall. Make it so that the energy moves to defend the place a blow is aimed at.


Make a Psi Energy Ball and imbue it with fire, then start focusing on your hands as though you were going to create fire in them. Mix the Psi Energy with as much fire imbuing as possible. Keep focusing on it until it actually catches fire. You can then throw this Fireball or otherwise use it.

Inferno Disc

Create a disc out of Psi Energy and imbue it with fire. Visualize it becoming hotter and hotter (be careful to keep a distance between your hands and the disc), then throw it or mentally direct in where you want it to go.

Fire Blade

Channel a blade out of Psi Energy. Then focus on heating it up and making it catch fire. You now have a Fire Blade. This is slightly more stable than an Air Blade, as would be used in Aerokinesis, so you can fight with it, or you can launch it.

Another type of Fire Shield

Channel Psi Energy in your hands, forming it into a sphere. Then gradually imagine this sphere becoming a bubble. Let the bubble grow and encase you, then imbue this shield with fire. Keep adding energy to it until you think it is strong enough.

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