A Q-Loop is a loop in the shape of a Q:


The Q-Loop is a symbol of awesomeness. Q-Loop is awesome. If you do not obey my orders, I shall vanquish you with my staff. If you put up a good fight, I shall get my hunting dogs to slice you to pieces. So you really should obey my orders. Remember what happens if you don't.

Q-Loop's Orders

Have a bunch of fun, but while you're at it, follow all my other orders, making them fun too.

Order 1- Write an essay on how awesome I am.

Order 2- After your essay, make yourself a glass of orange juice.

Order 3- Make sure it's really juicy.

Order 4- Write a follow-up essay on why you should be one of my Henchmen while drinking your Orange Juice.

Order 5- Draw a picture of what you think Q-Loop The Figure looks like.

Order 6- I'll judge it. You'll need a total score of 16 between your follow-up essay and your Q-Loop The Figure picture to be one of my henchmen.

Why Q-Loop Should be Worshipped

Because I am the king. Period!

My castle can be located once it's finished. IT'S NOT FINISHED YET YOU KNOW!! But I'm still the king. Though I'm currently living in the White House under the President's bedroom, I will soon have my own castle where all my servants, henchmen and prince will live, if you get a perfect 20 between your follow-up essay and your Q-Loop the Figure picture, you will become my Prince, and when I die, you'll become the king and run Q-Topia in my place. What an honour!

If you want to help me expand my castle, go to FreeWebs and make an extra branch, I'll judge it if you send the link to me, you'll get extra points to become Prince...


My system code. You don't know where to put it, you don't know what it does. And I'm NOT TELLING YOU WHAT IT DOES!! OR SHOWING YOU!!! Take that.

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