Franks is part of the Institute for Soldier Nanotechnology (ISNs) computing cluster located in Tech Square. It is a 4 node non-queued cluster.

Additional Information

  • Node 2 should be avoided.
  • A custom usage script called gusage exists. It can be run by one of the two following commands
franks> fusage
franks> ~/bin/fusage
  • Franks and Grant share the same home partition.
  • As we only have one user for the entire group (marzari)
    • Each user should make a home directory as a subdirectory of /home/marzari
    • Basic compiled versions of espresso exist /home/marzari/codes for both franks and grant.
    • Altering the environment should be done sparingly. Notification of alterations should be e-mailed to the entire group.

External Links

ISN Clusters' Homepage

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