Grant is part of the Institute for Soldier Nanotechnology (ISNs) computing cluster located in Tech Square. It is a 55 node cluster divided into two distinct queues: the myrinet queue (for all nodes that have myrinet cards) and the nomyrinet queue (for all nodes that do not have myrinet cards). Specifically

Node 1: Master Node. Common courtesy is to not run on it.
Nodes 2-34: Nodes on the myrinet queue
Nodes 2-32 have two processors
Nodes 33 and 34 have four processors
Nodes 35-53: Nodes on the nomyrinet queue
Nodes 54-55: Nonqueued interactive nodes for script testing.

Submitting a job directly (not to the queueing system)

Grant uses the standard LAM environment for parrallel computing so submitting a job is as

  1. Determining which nodes you want to use
  2. Creating a machine file (usually called machine) like the one below which says to use two processors of node12 and 1 processor of node13.
  3. Submitting the job with mpirun like this. In this case the machinefile is called "machine", the number of processors is specified as 3.

Example Job Submission Command

  mpirun -machinefile machine -np 3 pw.x < infile > outfile

Example Machines File

Additional Information

  • A custom usage script called gusage exists. It can be run by one of the two following commands
grant> gusage
grant> ~/bin/gusage
  • Franks and grant share the same home partition.
  • As we only have one user for the entire group (marzari)
    • Each user should make a home directory as a subdirectory of /home/marzari
    • Basic compiled versions of espresso exist /home/marzari/codes for both franks and grant.
    • Altering the environment should be done sparingly. Notification of alterations should be e-mailed to the entire group.
  • Nodes 10 and 20 are unable to run quantum-espresso for unknown reasons.

Group Contacts

The group members in charge of grant are

  • Nicolas Miller
  • Young-Su Lee
  • Michael Tambe

External Links

Grant's Homepage

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