Here is a summary of the UK to Japan airmail postage rates for small packages

(from information on the Royal Mail web site).

100g£1.46¥333      1100g£11.03¥2515
200g£2.48¥565      1200g£11.98¥2731
300g£3.43¥782      1300g£12.93¥2948
400g£4.38¥999      1400g£13.88¥3165
500g£5.33¥1215      1500g£14.83¥3381
600g£6.28¥1432      1600g£15.78¥3598
700g£7.23¥1648      1700g£16.73¥3814
800g£8.18¥1865      1800g£17.68¥4031
900g£9.13¥2082      1900g£18.63¥4248
1000g£10.08¥2298      2000g£19.59¥4467


  1. Valid December 2006
  2. Calculated at £1 = ¥228.
  3. The actual charges are in 20g increments, but I didn't want to list them all.
  4. The surface rates are almost exactly 50% of the Airmail rates, but they are in 50g increments.
  5. 2000g is the maximum weight that can be sent by this "Small Packet" service.

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