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When the end of the world came, life ceased to exist and the world returned to its original state. The molten core spilled from the depths and the land and seas raged against each other until there was nothing left. Three deities looked upon the scarred surface of Earth and sighed.

One cried for the lives lost, spreading her ancient garment across the world, and soothing away the fires and raging of the planet. Her name was Karma, the Goddess of Judgment and the Keeper of Souls.

The second let out a fierce roar and rent the world with a swift fist, separating the land from the sea again. Mountains and valleys were created in the same instant as he stormed across the Earth. Fudo was the god to create the lands and place the laws on the Earth.

The last spread her fingers and set the animals, plants and people among the world. He blessed the world with a sun and moon and caused the world to turn. The turner of time and the creator of life was Shiva, a destroyer and a life giver.

These three, Karma, Fudo, and Shiva, took it upon themselves to make sure the world did not turn out like it had in its previous centuries. Each planned to meet again in the years to come, to review the progress of the Earth. Like the millenniums before, war erupted and the people of Earth went into battle against their brothers and sisters. Now that the world was broken back to the sword and the shield, the gods sighed again.

When they meet for the last time, they agreed that they must put men and women on the Earth that would keep order. They would call them Beasts of Legend. The three went away and after a few years had passed on the Earth, the three Creation siblings met again. Each was certain that they had created what would end the wars between the peoples they had created.

Karma started first, telling Fudo and Shiva that she had created the perfect blend of dark and light to uphold their laws and prevent war. Her two perfect creations were a man and a woman. The man was tall, dark and handsome. Majestic wings sprouted from his shoulders and he held the power of the wind and sky at his beck and call. He was the Beast of Sky, Falcon. The woman was petite and equally dark to the man. There was a fierce ruthlessness to her where the man was not. She harnessed the power of rage and anger, and would keep the powers of Hell at bay. The second was the Beast of Shadow, Izzy.

Fudo nodded his agreement. Her creations were indeed perfect. He brought forth his two, a man and woman as well. The man wielded a great blade and had a hidden power. The God of Vengeance had crossed the man with a wolf to give him the edge and strength of an animal and the heart of a man. He called him Timberwolf, or Tim, the Beast of the Sword. The buxom woman was the wolf-man's other half. Crossed with a feline, her graceful body was created to be a lover and a deadlier weapon. Fudo called her Nayamashii Koneko, or the Beast of Seduction.

Shiva applauded Karma and Fudo for their creations, agreeing that the four plus her two would indeed set the world right. Her creations were the last of the Beasts of Legend. Both were women, from the fairer races. The youngest, a small Fae, blessed with the luck of the gods. She was as efficient as she was cute. She was Auri, the Beast of Luck. Her counterpart was tall and lithe, an elf. She would wield time to her call, and re-write things you thought you knew. Shiva called her Reina, the Beast of Time.

There was a fourth Creation deity at one time. Her name was Albion, and she is known as the Fallen Goddess of Creation. Karma, Fudo, and Shiva didn't want to her to create a Beast, because her creation would shift the balance and create havoc in their remade world. Unknown by the Creation Three, Albion created another to add to the Beasts of Legend. She called her creation Luce Alastor, or the Beast of Mirage.

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