Qi Peng (pronounced as "Key Pin") was born in Queens, New York City in 1976. He was educated in English literature and chemistry at the undergraduate level at Vanderbilt University before studying public health in graduate school at Yale University. The author lives currently in Salt Lake City. WELCOME TO OUR TERRORDOME, which focuses on the events that transpired during September 11 of 2001, is his debut novel. His postmodern novels deal with the philosophical sense of dread in relation to faith and semiotic self-representation; his tastes are broad, ranging from free jazz music to runway models to the history of conspiracy theories. His work remains within an avant-garde style influenced by all types of sources ranging from scientific journals to postmodern magazines to Russian literature. His belief is that his oeuvre can be an experimental, positive force for social change.

Qi Peng's Works

  • Welcome to Our Terrordome [2007]. Salt Lake City: White Rook, 2007.

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