Attention! The discription below is based on fandom. For a real description go to the link on the bottom of this page!

Qilinmon is a white green unicorn perfect digimon.

(チィリンモン Qilinmon)
English Name Chirinmon
Japanese Name Qilinmon
Level Ultimate
Attribute Vaccine
Type Holy Beast
Family Virus Busters
Move One Wind Cutter Sword
Move Two Knowledge of Swift
Digivolves From Peckmon
Digivolves Into Kentaurusmon


Qilinmon is the evolved form of Peckmon.


Souta - He is young and honest.


  • Evolution Stage: Perfect
  • Attribute: Vaccine
  • Type: Holy Beast
  • Element: Light


  • Hurricane Gale Blade
  • Knowledge of the Swift


  • Baby Stage 1 - Puwamon
  • Baby Stage 2 - Pinamon
  • Child Stage - Elecmon
  • Adult Stage - Peckmon
  • Perfect Stage - Qilinmon
  • Ultimate Stage - Sleipmon


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