Neimoidian NEGAS

A Qomack

The Qomack are a rave of Aliens from Qomack. They have smooth, greenish skin and large, red eyes, although the Qomack eye had a pupil that split it horizontally. They also had a more developed cranium, which was studded with small knobs and bumps. Their mouths were down-turned, giving them a perpetual frown. On their homeworld of Qomack, they lived in communal hives from the time of their birth, but were given limited access to food sources during their seven years of grubhood. This helped weed out the weak individuals at a very early age, as those grubs that can't find food - or steal it - quickly died. This method of raising their young instilled a tremendous sense of greed into the young Qomacks, but it also forced them to become organizational. Coupled with the fact that the most able Qomacks left their homeworld to serve with their Trade Federation, the general population of Qomack was made up of the weakest of the Qomack people. In general, the Qomacks were entreprenurial, but were also lazy cowards. They developed one of the most advanced droid technologies in the galaxy, and used automatons for everything. They developed droid chairs, droid starships, and entire droid armies. They were also very conscious of rank and position, and used all methods of clothing to describe their status. Elaborate headdresses; the cut, color, and texture of the cloth; and the collars and trim of their clothing all gave specific indications of rank and position.

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