Quantity Time - Andreas and Koume Edition is a Andreas episode.


  • When Quantity is about to start, Andreas puts on a tuxedo and Koume puts on her Shirley Fenette outfit. Then they start having a loyal romance.


  • Andreas
  • Koume


Part 1

  • (We see Andreas and Koume putting on outfits)
  • Andreas: I've just put on a tuxedo. Hey, Koume. Hurry up, quantity is about to start.
  • Koume: In a second, Andreas. I'm putting on my Shirley Fenette outfit and my adorable nude tights.
  • Andreas: Wear your sandals, Koume.
  • Koume: Okay. (Puts on her sandals) How do i look?
  • Andreas: Awesome. Okay time for some quantity.
  • Koume: You betcha.
  • (Andreas and Koume are at the park)
  • Andreas: A safe spot for a rest. Wouldn't you think, Koume?
  • Koume: Oh, Andreas. I'm so sexy for my nude tights i'm gonna remove my sandals for a while.
  • (Koume removes her sandals)
  • Koume: Time for a little nap. (takes a snooze)
  • Andreas: Well, it wasn't my own idea. I just had to stay awake.
  • Koume: (snores and dreams of dancing in her Shirley Fenette outfit and her nude tights)
  • Kylie: Koume. Oh, Koume.
  • Koume: Leave me alone, Kylie.
  • Kylie: Koume, wake up.
  • Koume: Huh? Kylie, what are you doing? I was just asleep.
  • Kylie: You didn't want to dream of being a ballerina.
  • Koume: Kylie, come on. I was just dreaming.
  • Kylie: You're not gonna forget it, Koume.
  • Koume: Grr, Kylie!
  • Kylie: Ha! Fooled ya! (runs off)
  • Koume: Get back, you cowardly redhead.
  • Andreas: Koume, you forgot your sandals.
  • (But Koume races away after her little sister Kylie)
  • Andreas:

Part 2

Part 3

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