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Queen Lanolin, the most fabulous babe!

Lanolin is Lanlion Human mother or a character on Garfield and Friends and Enchanted Lanolin. She first appeared in the Garfield and Friends episode "Snow Wade and the 77 Dwarfs, Part 1". She would later make more common appearences starting in Season 8 of Garfield and Friends. In Season 9, it is revealed that she is an imaginary Lanolin from an alternate universe, and she gave the real Lanolin her costume so that she can use her powers in the real world.

In Enchanted Lanolin

This series supposedly takes place before the events of the Garfield and Friends episode "Snow Wade: The True Story". It tells the tale of how she had to save her own kingdom from Gokuro monsters, who were created because of her own jealousy and selfishness. The events of the series do not match the adventures of Queen Lanolin depected in the stories the real Lanolin tells, and in the Garfield and Friends: Friendship Encyclopedia, it is claimed that Lanolin had no knowledge of Queen Lanolin's real adventures in her own timeline before the two met each other. 

Info from Garfield and Friends: Friendship Encyclopedia

  • Species: Sheep
  • Skin color: White
  • Friends: Snow Wade, Prince Roy, Orson, Wade, Roy, Booker, Sheldon, Bo, Lanolin, Aloysius, Timothy
  • Enemies: Orson's brothers, The Weasel, Robo-Pig, The 77 Dwarves
  • Favorite food: Strawberry ice cream, takoyaki (octopus dumplings), cookies
  • Goal: To destroy Snow Wade (formerly), to be more kind to Snow Wade


  • "Mirror, ache like Honest Abe, and tell me who's a fabulous babe!"
  • "If you want anything done in this world, you have to do it yourself!"
  • "Poison apple, my dear?"
  • "I will not give up my kingdom, my crown, or even one measly Gazornick!"
  • "And now, by my Wicked Queen powers, I shall destroy you all!"
  • "The pain of my heart, Queen Lanolin Poison Apple Prick!"
  • "The octopus dumplings are 600 Gazornicks? No way!"
  • "Snow Wade, I'm sorry for all I did to you in the past few years! I will never hurt you ever again!"
  • "Actually, I come from an alternate universe! I just came here so I could see who was possessing my powers!"
  • ==Timonyoumook==
  • she become a human in Goanimate's Timonyoumook. her first appears in A Bad User Gets Grounded For Eterinty Jamie Gets Grounded on Christmas Roy Rooster and Fib Gets in Dead Meat and GoAnimate the Musical.Placeholder feature
    Queen Lanolin as a Human in Tumonyoumook.

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