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Q: Why do green mountains look purple in the distance? A: The same reason the sky looks blue.

Q: What does the Roman Catholic Church do with pregnant nuns?

Q: Did State College native Jeff Haas (?), owner of Pennsylvania Pizza, invent the back-lit canvas (?) business sign, as seen on the State College Hooters restaurant? Did he patent it? Did he get rich?

Q: What's the opposite of "victim"? Why are there 50 synonyms for "victim" and hardly any for, um, victimizer?

Q: What's the real "ability" behind IQ? Memory and connection-making?

Q: What was the Class Gift of Penn State's Class of 1986?

Q: What makes red things look red? Is it the shape of the molecule that absorbs most frequencies (photons?) and for some reason the red-frequency waves are bounced by the shape? What are all the red molecules - are they all related to iron?

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