Orcs come in three different colours of skin, Onyx (Mountain Orcs), Jungle Green (Regular Orcs) and Beige (Desert Orcs). They're eyes vary in colour from Red, Black, Orange and a mixture of Black and Red which usually shows they're dirrect decendants of one of the Great Khalstrives. Hair colour is always Black and as they get older, like humans it looses it's colour and becomes white, an Orc with fully white hair usually shows wisdom. Orc height varies with the type of Orc, Mountain Orcs are at a medium of 5 ft, Regular Orcs are at a medium of 8 ft and Desert Orcs 6.5 ft. All tall Orcs for they're type are nicknamed "Obolisks". All Orcs have a natural bulk, so they're muscles are always toned, not many Orcs are able to become over-weight. Orcs also have disorderly and stained teeth which also cannot be changed, the more disorderly and stained the more vicious the Orc usually is. Orcs usually have long nails which they use in fights if they have no weapons.


Orcs are infamous as quite hostile creatures. They are quick to temper and once they get annoyed they will become more savage then usual, one would not like to pass a distraught Orcs path. When it comes ot a fight they rarely give mercy and never back down. Some Orcs will go picking fights with anyone, even those of they're own kind, but this depends on the Orcs personality.

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