What kind of Staff?

Being part of the Graal MMORPG the development consists of several subjects, being:

  • Scripting (Coding the NPC's and systems)
  • Leveling (designing the levels where the player runs around in)
  • GFXing (drawing the custom images that are not defaulted to Graal)
  • Gani ing (By lack of a better word. Gani'ers create the animations, using a program named GraalShop, that the player uses.

And naturally there are:

  • Role Playing Admins (These guys think of plots, quests and events for the server to make it entertaining for the player.

Current Staff

  • Scripting:
    • Arthas Northrend (Account warmaster70229)
    • Codein (Account: Codein)
  • Leveling:
    • Dan (Account: Danny2006)
    • Yakuno
  • GFXing:
    • Codein (Also Script's A Bit.)
  • Gani'ing:
    • Currently No one.


  • Owners:
    • Pimmeh (Account: Pimmeh, creator of this wiki thing)
    • Saberhagen (Account: Admin-playerworld144)
  • Administrator:
    • Ell (ell3007, does LAT and a little GFX, can hire people and does the job of an RPA as well)
  • Role Playing Admins:
    • Arthas (see above, does some scripting as well)

If you are interested in a job just email to or AIM at Pimmeh. Or drop by on Quian'Dor!

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