A Quick-Klez as seen in the Training-Ring sector.

The Quick-Klez is another model of viruses found in the game BOTS!!. It is very similar to Slappers, Laroux, and Klez. This enemy is only found in the Training-Ring once. It will only appear in the squad where Strong-Klez appears. It used to appear more often in actual squads until most of them were removed from the stage in a game patch for unknown reasons. Even though the name should show that they have more speed, they do not. In fact, their attack style is exactly the same as the Laroux's. It involves a thrust of their arms upward in quick motion, enough to knock a BOT down. However they still only have little hitpoints, just like their Laroux cousins. Because of this, they are almost never noticed since they are so simple to defeat.

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