[b]Surname[/b]: Vos [b]Given Name[/b]: Quistis [b]Known Aliases[/b]: The Dark Widow [b]Occupation[/b]: Sith Knight [b]Legal status[/b]: Wanted, and widowed [b]Criminal record[/b]: Minor offenses on Nar Shaddaa. Major Offenses on Tattooine. [b]Race[/b]:Kiffar [b]Gender[/b]: Female Age: 43 [b]Place of Birth[/b]: Nar Shaddaa [b]Place of Residence[/b]: Her ship, the Skor'Pion [b]Former Place(s) of Residence[/b]: Alphredies [b]Affiliation[/b]: Sith


[b]Appearance What does your character look like?[/b] [image noborder]ultraviolet_1.jpg[/image] [image noborder]TheDarkWidow.jpg[/image] [b]Height[/b]: 6 feet even [b]Weight[/b]: 135 lbs [b]Eye Colour[/b]: Variable [b]Hair[/b]: Dark, either Burnette or black depending on light. [b]Other Features[/b]:

[b]Clothing[/b]: Usually a white dress or something of the sort with boots and a velvet black cloak.

[b]Uniform[/b]: Doesn't really have one.


[b]Personality[/b]: Quistis is cold and seductive in a manipulative way. Her lust for power has polluted her mind so badly that she'll do whatever she can or has to in order to reach her goals. The loss of her husband to the sith has created an interesting development in her personality. She hates the sith so much, that she'll devote herself entireally to becomeing the most powerfull she can so she can then destroy them.

Known Relatives: Korto Vos son, Roilas Vos daughter, Father: Quinlan Vos Mother: Khaleen Hentz

History: Quistis Vos was born to a single Mom. Khaleen Hentz gave birth to Quistis initially on Nar Shaddaa. In the early hours of the empire She and Quistis fled to the farthest reaches of space. There they found Alphredies. A medium sized planet comprised of nothing but force sensitives who saw entireally through the force.

Quistis quickly enjoyed the more relaxed and soft natured life on Alphredies then the dog eat dog world of Nar Shaddaa. She grew up rapidly and in time soon fell in love with Jacen Mann. The son and heir to the Elder Council of Alphredies. In time the two were always seen together and were soon inseperable. After a while the two wed and decided to tour the galaxy for a time.

Dureing thier travels Quistis discovered that she was pregnant from Jacen. While on a trip to Tattooine, they were attacked by a sith warrior who revealed that Quistis had force potential and should join the sith. When the couple soundly refused Jacen was cut down. Devestated Quistis retreated to Alphredies. She spent most of her preganancy there in a haze of confusion and anger. Finally just before she was ready to give birth she left for Tattooine once again.

There she gave in to her anger and joined the sith. Shortly afterwards she gave birth to a son and daughter. She named them Korto and Roilas Vos. Later she brought them to Alphredies and left them in the care of Grand Elder Mann. Thier grandfather. Once that was taken care of she left for Korriban to train.

Once there she learned rapidly and gained power quickly. Relishing in her success she marvelled at how soon she would be able to exact her revenge on the sith. But she needed to make sure she was the most absolute strongest first. After she had amassed enough power she executed her master and continued her power advance. After a time though she became as strong as some of the lords, but was unable to gain the title.

Frustrated at this she left. Seeking out alternative means to gain the same 'power' they held. Unable to comprehend that thier power was more a of a rank structure and not of a power structure. She travelled far and wide searching for artifacts and hunting down myths of power in a bid to gain more power. After a 10 year dry spell she returned to Alphredies to find her children. While there, she was fought by the Grand Elder and thier Twilight Vanguard. Before she was forced to leave however she took possesion of the Vorlesitnant, the banned darkness blade of Alphredies. Rumored to have been possessed by the spirit of a powerfull evil warlord in Alphredies' past. Unaware of power or potential but content enough to have at least gained something from her trip she leaves to come up with one last plan.


Sample Roleplay:As her ship left Alphredies she was suddenly releived they had no outward bound military. Just those annoying Twilight Vanguard martial artists. Try as she might she couldn't recall ever having heard of them the last time she was there. And the way they faught. It was so unlike anything she had ever encountered before. "They'll all pay..." She spat venomously. She unsheathed her blade, the sword she had taken from Alphredies. The more she held it the more it gleamed to her. As if its power resonated to her. She wondered just why exactly the Miraluka feared it so much that they would keep it locked away so tightly. Well....tightly for someone who had no power. But unlike them she possesed much power.

On her way to Korriban she stopped by a small outpost. Ord Mynock Freeport. It was incredibally delapidated and still run by the imperials. Imperials who came from a day when the Emporer ran things. It was self sustaining and the only thing that bared any resembalance to the empire were the recycled armor and weapons. Save for some of the imported equipment.

As she strode in a trooper rushed to her. "Ma'am Im going to have to ask that you hand over your sword and any other weap-" He was stopped short as she lifted him into the air in as he was choked and gasped for air. Slowly his body was pulled to hers until they were face to face. "Oh...gee I wish I could, but you see....I just don't care." She cooed almost coyly. Before propelling him into a wall. She laughed with glee, this would be much easier then it would without her power. But then again, she probably wouldn't even be here if she didn't have her power. That made her angry. She cast a halting glare at few soldiers who looked like they were deliberating on shooting or not.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." She said before moving on. She stepped into the weapon shop and smiled saltry to her old friend. "Dax, my boy. Have I got a toy for you to check out." "Well you know how I like toys."

She unsheathed the weapon and handed it to him. He glanced up in suprise. "Its outstanding. Where'd you find it?" "It was a 'gift' from a remote planet." Dax whistled as he gauged the weapon. "well the craftsmanship is perfect. I've never seen a weapon so forged before. I bet this could stop a lightsaber." She leaned forward and smiled lustfully. "Oh how delicious that is to hear." He chuckled a little before going back to examining the weapon. 'Theres also something about the weave of the edge. Like...its laced with some kind of poison. May I?"

Quistis noded and he took a wet sample of the edge for study. He leaned up and turned around. "Well....its something. But I can't exactly pinpoint what it does. It isn't a neurotoxin and it isn't a corrosive acid either."

Quistis leaned back as she arched an eye brow. "Now this is most interesting as well." She retrieved the weapon and put it back in its scabbord. Dax shook his head almost as if it scared him. "Well I will say this though. That weapon creeps me out. It's definately meant as a fighting piece and who ever built it meant buisness with that poison edge."

Quistis noded and dismissed him with a wave as she turned, her dress flowing about her as her cloak billowed slightly. "It was good seeing you Dax. Do take care." She waved as she left.

Only a few loose ends to tie up and she would be ready to return to the sith homeworld. The first time in almost 10 years.

[b]Other Information[/b] As I said earlier this is the NPC dark jedi mother.

She's equivalant to about...a level 11 or 12 Knight.

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