The Quitar are a predominant sentient species from the planet Ginval. They were tall, amphibious, repto-mammalian humanoids with bulbous eyes and sweeping head crests. Their hands and feet had three digits each, one of which was opposable. They had distinguishable gray-green, leathery skin.

Being able to breathe both water and air, they were perfectly adapted to travel Gival's warm, shallow seas dotted with volcanic islands. They shared a strong nomadic instinct with their amphibious ancestors. Because their way of living resulted in virtually no sizeable permanent settlement whatsoever, the Quitar were generally considered primitive by the rest of the galaxy; however, that was not true. They were very intelligent and believed in a highly developed philosophical tradition that emphasized personal integrity and individual freedom and encouraged personal honesty. Their compassionate and calm manner made them more than average diplomats.

This may cause one to think they would not defend themselves; however, they consider defending themselves part of personal integrity, and can be formidable opponents. They were among many species who were first attacked by the Fen Domar. Some were taken to earth colonies and the planet Earth itself.

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