quotes from Basil & Friends' adventures of Finding Nemo

Bloat: Nemo! Newcomer of orange and white! You have been summoned to the top of Mt. Wannahokaloogie to join with us, in the fraternal bonds... of tankhood. Nemo: Huh?! Peach: We want you in our club, kid. Nemo: Oh, cool! Bloat: If you can survive... the Ring... of... FIRE!!! [Nothing happens.] Bloat: Come on, the Ring of Fire! The Ring of Fire! [Jacques suddenly comes to attention.] Jacques: Sorry! Basil: (takes beaker and a bottle of red liquid) Steady hand...(pours a drop into beaker and sets it at the other end of a pipe; he boils a liquid on the other end, watching as it goes through the pipe) Yes, yes. Good, good. Come along, come along, come along, come along. Come along, come along, come along come along....Haha...yes, yes, good, good. No, bad. Good, good, oh, no. Come along, come on. Yes, come on. Bloat: You said you could do this! [Bubbles finally reaches Valcano; chemical explodes. They explode out of the top of the "volcano".] Bloat: The Ring of Fire! Basil: Aha! We've done it, old fellow! This chemical reaction could only be triggered by the paper's extreme saturation with distillation of sodium chloride. Dawson: Salt water? Great Scott.

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