A list of quotes from Animaniacs/South Park.

Season 1

Yakko meets Dot

Runt: [farts fire] Oh!! Whoa, I sure am hungry.

Yakko: How can you eat when you're farting fire?

Runt: Shut up, dude, you're being totally immature.

Wakko: Hey, look, there's Dot Warner.

Yakko: [gasps] Where? [He finds himself looking right at her. An epiphany plays while hearts dance around Stan's head. Stan smiles, and it soon goes from ear to ear]

Runt: [singing] Stan wants to ki-iss Dot Warn-er

Yakko: Shut up, fat ass! I don't even like her!

Runt: I'm not fat. And you obviously like her because you throw up every time she talks to you.

Yakko: I do not!

Dot: Hi, guys.

Wakko and Runt: Hi, Dot.

Dot: Here, Yakko. This is for you. [hands Stan a note]

Yakko: Bleech!

Dot: Eww! [leaves]

Wakko and Runt: [their eyes follow her out] Bye, Dot.

Wakko: Dude, what does the note say?

Yakko: [glances at it] Holy crap! It says she wants to meet me at Stark's Pond after school. [a look of wonder comes over his face]

Wakko: Whoa! Maybe you can kiss her.

Runt: Or slip her the tongue.

Buttons: (Or look at the cat on her feet, then touch her.)

Yakko: [that got his attention] What? How do you know she has a cat? [Silence, Kenny waits to see if the other guys got the message, then laughs. The rest follow, realizing what Buttons meant]

Wakko: Come on you guys, we need to figure out how to get out of school so we can get my little brother back.

First Day of Hunter Camp

Minerva Mink: Now you be careful, Runt. The woods can be very dangerous.

Runt: Okay, Mom.

Wakko: Ready to go hunting, Cartman?

Yakko: Yeah, my Uncle Jimbo says we gotta get up there early. Right, Uncle Mime?

The Mime: That's right, Stanley. Animals are much easier to shoot in the morning.

Minerva Mink: Here hon, I packed you some cheesy poofs and happy tarts.

The Mime: Don't worry Mrs. Cartman, we'll take good care of him. I brought my old war buddy Ned to keep things safe.

Mr. Skullhead: Hello, Mrs. Mink. How are you today?

Minerva Mink: Be sure to use lots of bug spray, and if you have to poo-poo, don't wipe with poison ivy. [The other boys laugh]

Runt: Dude, that's sick mom.

Minerva Mink: And I know it can get scary up in those woods, but just remember, mommy's not far away. [They laugh some more]

Runt: Drive, Drive!

Minerva Mink: You give your mommy a kissy.

Runt: Drive the car damn-it, drive!

[In the Humvee]

Wakko: [in a slight falsetto] Don't get scared up in the mountains Runt.

Runt: Shut up, I'm not scared of nothing.

Yakko: Maybe your mom can give me a kiss too, Runt.

Buttons: (Maybe she'll suck my dick)

The Mime: Oh, ho, that's disgusting.

Runt: You piece of crap, I'll kill you! [starts fighting with Buttons]

The Mime: That's the spirit boys, let's get that testosterone flowin'.

Runt: Eeeh! [about to strike Kenny again]

The Mime: Now boys, boys, ah-I need to get serious for a minute. I want you to understand a few basic rules of hunting, since this is your first time. First, don't ever walk with your gun unless the safety's on. Second, don't shoot anything that looks human, and third, never spill your beer in the bullet chamber.

Yakko: Uh, Uncle Mime, we don't drink beer.

The Mime: You what?!?

Mr. Skullhead: Moh Yeah, that's right, I don't think eight year old kids drink beer, mmm.

Wakko: I like chocolate milk.

The Mime: Well, we'll be doing plenty of drinking on this trip; After all, hunting sober is like … fishing … sober. It sure will be nice to get out of the city for a while, away from civilization.

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