A list of quotes from Thomas/How I Spent My Summer Vacation.

Percy and the engines play "Spot the Car"

James: "Are we anywhere remotely near SodorSteamWorldLand yet?"

BoCo: "No, but if you're bored, we could always play..."

Percy: "Spot the Car! Spot the Car!"

BoCo: "Ha ha ha ha ha. Spot the Car."

Percy: "Whoopie!"

James: "Oh. You mean, like, spot the red cars, or the cars with out-of-state plates? Eh?"

Percy: "No. ANY car!"

Boco: (Alongside a road with incoming cars) "Here they come."

Boco, Pip, Percy, and Scruff: (As they bump back and forth into James) "There's a car! There's a car! There's a car! There's a car! There's a car! There's a car!" (Giggle)

James: "Fun game."

Pip: "Look, look! here comes some more!"

Boco, Pip, Percy, and Scruff: "There's a car! There's a car! There's a car! There's a... whoops. Truck." (Giggle)

James: "Shoot me."

Percy and the engines go through a tunnel

Percy: "Ooh, a tunnel! Everybody hold your breath in the tunnel, and make a wish."

James: "How childish."

Percy: "If you hold your breath the whole time, your wish will come true."

James: (Inhales and holds his breath) "I wish I was in SodorSteamWorldLand. I Wish I was in SodorSteamWorldLand."

(Percy, BoCo, Pip, and Scruff all inhale and hold their breaths. As the engines go through the tunnel, the sign says, "Tunnel next 7 Miles".

James: (Losing conciousness) "I wish I was in SodorSteamWorldLand." (The other engines continue to hold their breaths) "I wish I was in SodorSteamWorldLand." (The other engines still continue to hold their breaths) "I can't make it!" (James exhales and screeches behind the other engines) "Ooch, och, ouch, eech, ooch ooch, och, ouch, eech!" (BoCo, Pip, and Percy exhale) "I miss work." (BoCo, Pip, and Percy laugh)

Pip: "Oh, I love that game." (James pants)

Percy: "Gee, James. I guess you didn't get your wish."

James: "Yeah. Hey, neither did you guys."

Percy: "Sure we did. We made the same wish we always do.

BoCo, Pip, and Percy: "To be a happy and loving family forever and ever."

James: "Oh, rapture, oh, pure joy, oh, for the love of Norman Rockwell and the Letterman." (Scruff is still holding his breath) "Hey, the game's over, Scru..." (Scruff exhales all over James, who loses his paint) "...ff."

Percy: (Repaints James) "Speak to me, James!"

James: "Auntie Em, is that you?"

More Coming Soon

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