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The Deputation

  • Yoshi: Luigi says us need a... a depostation!
  • Garfield: Of course! The question is...
  • Bill: What is a..... desperation?
  • Yoshi: It when TV characters tell Mario something's wrong.
  • Rabbit: Did you say "tell the Mario"?
  • Narrator: There was a long silence.
  • Garfield: I purpose that Yoshi be our... uh... disputation.
  • Yoshi: Me?! Me can't!
  • Bill: Rubbish Yoshi! It's easy.
  • Garfield: That settled, then.
  • Narrator: Poor Yoshi wished it wasn't.
  • Mario: Hello, Yoshi. It's nice to be back.
  • Yoshi: (jumps) Uh, uh, yes, Sir! Yes, Sir! Please, Sir!
  • Mario: You look nervous, Yoshi. What's the matter?
  • Yoshi: Please, Sir, they've made me a "desperation", Sir, uh, to--to speak to you, Sir. Me don't like it, Sir.
  • Narrator: Mario pondered. Mario: Do you mean a deputation, Mario?
  • Yoshi: Yes, Sir, please, Sir. Uh, it's Tom & Jerry, Sir. They say, Sir, that if you send them away, Sir, well, they'll be turned into scrap, Sir. That would be dreadful, Sir. Uh, please, Sir, don't send them away!
  • Mario: Thank you, Yoshi. That will do.

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