Here are the quotes for TV Park.

It's Christmas In Canada

  • Thomas: What is that?
  • SpongeBob: It's Christmas. We officially missed it. It's Christmas Day and... I'm in Canada.
  • Yoshi: Oh, yeah, but ah-I got my brother back.
  • SpongeBob: Yeah! You got your brother back, but I didn't get any presents! (takes off his shoes) And what did I tell you, Yoshi?! (takes his pants off and bunches it up) I told you that if we didn't make it back in time for Christmas I was gonna knock you out, didn't I?! (tosses his pants away)
  • Yoshi: Man, come on.
  • SpongeBob: Well now you're gonna get it, dino! That's right! You and me! Right now! (puts up his fists) We're having it out! Let's go! Come on! Come on!! (Yoshi puts up his fists and gives SpongeBob a quick right hook across the face. SpongeBob blinks a few times and begins to sob) Saaaannndddyyy! Saaaaaannnddddyyyyyyy!

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