A list of quotes from Animaniacs/TUGS.


Skippy's Big Bang

Skippy Squirrel: "10, 9, 8..."

The Brain: "Roddy?"

Skippy Squirrel: "7, 6..."

The Brain: "Roddy?"

Skippy Squirrel: "5, 4..."

The Brain: "Answer me, you fool!"

Skippy Squirrel: "3, 2, 1, FIRE!"

(The Dynamite destroys the trailer. The impact from the explosion pushes Montana Max onto some rocks)

The Brain: "Aaah! What's happening? Oooh! Aaah!"

The Brain: "Geronimo! What a sight! What a bang! Brilliant!"

(Thaddeus Plotz, Dr. Scratchansniff, Pesto, Wakko, and Squit cheer as they charge forward)

Skippy Squirrel: "Come on, lads!"

Dr. Scratchansniff: "Well done!"

Thaddeus Plotz: "Ooh, you got a problem there, Brain?"

The Brain: "Oh, yeah?"

(The Maniacs Fleet laughs)

Wakko: "Hey, Roddy, Roddy, doesn't Brain look funny, eh, stuck up on those rocks?"

Squit: "Oh, well, uh, uh, I suppose that, uh..."

(The Studio Fleet continues to laugh)

The Brain: "Stop laughing! Stop laughing! It's not funny!"

Wakko: "Well, we think it is, eh, don't we, Roddy?

Squit: "Uh, yeah, uh, no."

Dr. Scratchansniff: "All right, joke's over. Back to pick up our cargo. Problem solved."

Skippy Squirrel: "Thanks to me, you didn't believe I'm an expert, did you?"

Wakko: "Aye, true."

Pesto: "Well, there was an element of luck, I suppose, but I must say, I am quite impressed."

Skippy Squirrel: "Well, I can't play any more games with you, I've got real work to do."

Wakko: "Bye, Skippy!"

King Acorn (Narrating): "For once in his life, Skippy had done a great job."

The Brain: "Never mind him, what about me?"

Yakko: "In trouble, Brain? Looks like you got crushed instead of Banjo Possum."

King Acorn (Narrating): "Ha ha ha. The only thing Brain succeeded in doing that day, was trapping himself instead of the Maniacs."

More Coming Soon

High Winds

Sid The Squid to the Rescue

King Acorn (Narrating): "Docking a Magical Creature can be a hazardous business for toons, especially with cross-currents and the danger of this high wind. Usually, the Creature can assist, but Sphinx couldn't due much due to her damaged wings and low stamina. With all their expertise and experience, the Maniacs team were finding her very difficult to keep under their control."

Bobby: "What's happening back there? Come on, Maniacs!"

Thaddeus Plotz: "She's not responding, Vinnie! The wind's too strong!"

Yakko: "I can't hold her much longer!"

Bobby: "Work harder, everybody!"

Ralph the Guard: "I've put in full strength, can't do no more!"

Dr. Scratchansniff: "We need another maniac! Just one more will do it!"

Flavio: "Sorry I can't help. I'm needed in case of fire."

Dr. Scratchansniff: "Come on, lads, hold it!"

Wakko: "Oohhh... Look out, I'm in trouble!"

Dr. Scratchansniff: "Come on, somebody!"

Yakko: "We're losing it! We'll be crushed between Sphinx and keyside!"

Sid the Squid: "This is two you owe me, Maniacs!"

Yakko: "Sid The Squid! Oh, thanks, just in time, you're a lifesaver!"

Dr. Scratchansniff: "Thank you, Sid The Squid. She's under control again."

Ralph the Guard: "Got her, Dr. Otto!"

Wakko: "Oh, hey, thanks, Sid The Squid. Heh heh."

Sid the Squid: "Stanley will have my head for this."

Wakko: "All right, thank you, Sid The Squid."

Bobby: "Thank you, Sid The Squid.

Dr. Scratchansniff: "Thank you, Sid The Squid.

Yakko: "Thanks, Sid the Squid."

The Brain: "Is Sid the Squid going soft in the head or something? Oh, the idiot!"

King Acorn (Narrating): "Brain couldn't understand Sid the Squid. The P's were out to beat the Maniacs, not to help them beat the P-Stacks!"


Yakko and Wakko Are Late

King Acorn (Narrating): Knuckles and the Shadow, the evil-minded fox Hedgehog, were always on the lookout for old toons they could buy up cheap. Heh, they'd already made me an offer for old Dr. Otto.

Yakko: "Yeah, I suppose it's late, Wakko."

Wakko: "Ha, It's not our fault, though, is it? I mean, normally..."

King Acorn: "6:30's briefing time!"

Yakko: "Sorry, King Acorn. We've been at the Studio Workshop."

King Acorn: "You know, the Plotz Office are looking for useless maniacs, don't you? Now, next time you're late, I'll ask them what they'll offer for a warner maniac and a warner, understand?"

Yakko: "Yes, King Acorn, but..."

King Acorn: "Yakko, Dr. Otto is feeling ill. He's at the Studio Fire Station picking up your equipment!

Yakko: "Huh?"

King Acorn: "Now, if he's all right, join the others waiting for maniacs getting clearance from Quarantine."

Yakko: "Understand, King Acorn."

King Acorn: "One for you, Wakko, bring in Newt."

Wakko: "Old Newt..."

King Acorn: "No wisecracks! Just get moving."

Wakko: "He wouldn't sell us to those hedgehog, would he?"

Yakko: "Not unless we're late every day. I hope we're not."

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