A list of quotes from Thomas/TUGS.


Sir Topham Hatt's Big Announcement

Sir Topham Hatt (Narrating): "I remember the day we got our first big break, it started like most; at dawn."

Sir Topham Hatt: "Good morning, Steam Team. Today I charted a new engine to help out with the extra work. He's from East Valley. Thomas, he'll be working with you. Show him the ropes."

Thomas: "Right, Sir Topham Hatt. What's his name?"

Sir Topham Hatt: "Percy."

James: "Percy? Only good for railway work, is he?"

Thomas: "Not bright in your upper bit, James.

James: "I resent that!"

Announcer: "Settle down. Give Percy a chance. Now for the really good news; after a lot of hard bargaining, it looks like I've managed to land the contract for one of the most important trains around; the Special Train! When she arrives this afternoon, the Steam Team will bring her in for a visit, but first, we've got to prove ourselves. Toby, you're in charge."

Toby: "Aye aye, sir!"

Announcer: "Gordon."

Gordon: "Sir."

Sir Topham Hatt: "You're leading."

Gordon: "Right."

Sir Topham Hatt: "James, Henry, you're on the side push."

James: "Not you, Thomas, this is no work for tank enginess."

Thomas: "Oh, all right."

Henry: "Yeah, that's right, big engines only, Thomas."

Thomas: "Make sure you don't bump into her, Henry."

Sir Topham Hatt: "On your way, Thomas. Show Percy how to get the work done, and fast."

Thomas: "Yeah, right, okay, then."

Sir Topham Hatt: "Now, the rest of you, I want you all finished early so you can make yourselves spic and span for the Special Train this afternoon."

James: "Oh, no..."

The Barber's Big Announcement

Sir Topham Hatt (Narrating): "Our biggest rival in those days was the Barber. With his DAB-Stacks, he was always looking for ways to get further ahead.

Barber: "Now listen to me, and listen good! The Steam Team are about to get the Special Train's contract, and I'm not happy."

Diesel: "We're not smiling, Barber!"

Barber: "I'm glad you don't find it funny, Diesel. Now I want that contract, and you're going to get it for me!"

Ben: "But how? I thought that..."

Barber: "I don't expect you to think! You're a team, the best, the better looking, more powerful, and dare I say, more devious."

Bert: "I like that bit about better looking!"

Ben: "Yes, but what's devious?"

Barber: "What's devious is what's necessary to make an honest living in these days of corruption and bad business ethics! Now get the lead out and get the Special Train's contract, there's no time to lose!"

Diesel: "No problem, that bunch of claptrap soapbox cars are gonna find they missed the Special Train or my name's not Diesel!"

Ben: "But it is Diesel, isn't it?"

Diesel and Bert meet Dennis

Diesel: "Well, look what the diesel dragged in, Dennis. Ha!"

Dennis: "Hey, you guys, I need a tow."

Bert: "We don't accept bananas as payment."

Dennis: "Eh, big shots. You towing the Special Train or something?"

Diesel: "What do you know about it, you South American waste of space?"

Dennis: "What I know, I sit around waiting for nobody to tow me. The Special Train, She come in this morning, suddenly, everybody busy."

Bert: "But the Special Train isn't due till this afternoon!"

Diesel: "Shut up, derby brain! Come on!"

Dennis: "Hey, hey, what a day. I gotta get a tow and unload these bananas."

Barber: "You sure about this?"

Diesel: "Seen it with my own eyes."

Bert: "Yeah, we both seen it."

Barber: "Couldn't have better. Now I want that contract, and you are going to get it for me."

Diesel: "Yes, sir!"

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Thomas Hears a Noise

Thomas: "All right, you old tug of guts, you can settle here for the night.

Hello? Who's there?

Oi, is that you, Percy? Gordon? Well, say something, whoever you are!"

(Percy Whistles)

Thomas: "I'm hearing things."

Percy: "Hello, Thomas."

Thomas: "Percy, it was you! Now, why didn't you answer?"

Percy: "Was me what?"

Thomas: "You were near the cove."

Percy: "Eh, can't have heard you. Gettin' warm."

Thomas: 'Oh, yeah, yeah, okay. Come on, I must be tired."

Duck: "Night, Thomas. Night, Percy."

Thomas and Percy: "Good night, Duck!"

Sir Topham Hatt's Emergency Meeting

Sir Topham Hatt (Narrating): "Next morning, I told the Barber, Steam Team and DAB-Stacks had to get together on this!"

James: "I say, what's this all about? Steam Team and DAB together, whatever next?"

Diesel: "We're wasting time."

Sir Topham Hatt: "Silence!"

Diesel: "Thomas' trucks are the only ones gone."

Bill: "Yeah, bet he knows what it's about!"

Ben: "Him stealing trucks, that's what!"

Gordon: "Cut that out about Thomas!"

Henry: "Yeah, watch it, see?"

Bill: "Well, we didn't mean it..."

Gordon: "Just be careful what you say!"

Sir Topham Hatt: "I said Silence! The Barber and me have had a meeting. Missing trucks are serious. We're going to get to the bottom of this, understand? Barber?"

Barber: "I have a scheme to catch this pirate."

James: "Ha. I expect that there are several!"

Gordon: "Aye, send a crook to catch a crook!"

Diesel: "What are you suggesting?"

Sir Topham Hatt: "Quiet! We've decided to set a trap!"

Barber: "Certain trucks are being rigged with flares that will trigger off if the box is even touched, never mind stolen!"

Sir Topham Hatt: "So, this is the plan. Tonight, you'll all be out in pairs, maintaining silence. Keep your eyes open. The General and i..."

Sir Topham Hatt (Narrating): "Unknown to us, Duck was searching where he lost the thief the night before."

Duck: "It's as far as here. What about this old warehouse? It's impossible; hasn't been used for years."

One Last Truck

Max and Monty: "You've done very well, so far, Steamie, but we figure you still owe us."

Stepney: "You're going back on your word! You said that was the last truck!"

Duck: "The thief!"

Max and Monty: "Changed our mind, see? It's one more truck. Get it tonight or it's goodbye to him! The great big outback in the sky!"

Duck: "I see the missing truck!"

Monty: "What's that? Hear anything?"

Max: "No."

Monty: "Right."

Max: "Do as we say or else!

Stepney: "It's getting too risky!"

Max: "One more, I said, tonight!"

Salty: "Don't do it!"

Stepney: "I've got to, haven't I? You promise tonight will be the last?"

Max and Monty: "Deliver or he dies."

Stepney: "You're right. Now then, are you..."

Salty: "I'm okay, but don't do it. It's wrong."

Stepney: "I can't leave you here with them, old man! Tonight will be the end of it."

Duck: "Oh dear. This is a sad state of affairs."

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Bill Talks to Ben and Bert

Sir Topham Hatt (Narrating): "There were times, believe it or not, when the Steam Team and DAB-Stacks took on a big job together. One of those times I'm remembering was when timber and tanning bark had to be brought down from the sawmills in East Valley.

And this year, it was especially important that we work together, but Bill was making heavy going of towing an old truck on its last journey."

Ben: "Hey, Bill!"

Bert: "Hey, Bill! Diesel's going mad waiting for you! Where you been?"

Bill: "The Barber told me to take this old rust truck to the Breaker's Yard."

Bert: "You'll see Diesel at the Knapford before you get there. He's not going to like it."

Bill: "I'm only carrying out orders. Diesel can't blame me."

Ben: "Ha! Don't you believe it!"

Billy Meets Toby and Gordon

Sir Topham Hatt (Narrating): "An tank engine named Billy worked in East Valley, delivering essentials like gasoline, ropes, fuses, and dynamite from Knapford to East Valley. Why an tank engine? Well, you can see he's just as short, and in Billy's case, just as dangerous."

Toby: "Oh, look who's here. It's Billy the Tank Engine."

Billy: "Hey, Steam Team, don't you wish you carried something more exciting than wood?"

Gordon: "No thanks. Just get that stuff away from here. You're welcome to it."

Billy: "Dynamite's exciting stuff. Makes lovely big bangs. Fairly obvious if you know how to handle it, like I do."

Toby: "Hey, you're not unloaing next to us, are you?"

Billy: "Fraid' so, Toby. Don't worry, if it goes up, we all go up!" (Giggles)

Gordon: "Yeah?"

Billy: "No, it's safe. Only joking."

Gordon: "You'd better be."

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