A list of quotes from Tiny Toon Adventures/TUGS.


King Acorn's Big Announcement

King Acorn (Narrating): "I remember the day we got our first big break. It started like most; at dawn.

King Acorn: "Good morning, Acme Fleet. Today I've charted a new pig to help out with the extra work. He's from Wackyland. Buster, he'll be working with you, show him the ropes."

Buster: "Right, King Acorn. What's his name?"

King Acorn: "Hamton."

Plucky: "Hamton? Only good for meat work, is he?"

Buster: "Not bright in your upper bit, Plucky."

Plucky: "I resent that!"

King Acorn: "Settle down. Give Hamton a chance. Now for the really good news. After a lot of hard bargaining, it looks like I've managed to land the contract for one of the most important celebrities around; Mitzi! When she arrives this afternoon, the Acme Fleet wil bring her in for a visit, but first, we've got to prove ourselves; Bugs, you're in charge."

Bugs: "Aye aye, Sir."

King Acorn: "Fowlmouth."

Fowlmouth: "Sir."

King Acorn: "You're leading."

Fowlmouth: "Right."

King Acorn: "Plucky, Concord, you're on the side push."

Plucky: "Not you, Buster, this is no work for little rabbits."

Buster: "Oh, all right."

Concord: "Yeah, that's right, big toons only, Buster."

Buster: "Make sure you don't bump into her, Concord."

King Acorn: "On your way, Buster. Show Hamton how to get the work done, and fast."

Buster: "Yeah, right, okay, then."

King Acorn: "Now, the rest of you, I want you all finished early so you can get yourselves looking spic and span for Mitzi this afternoon."

Plucky: "Oh, no..."

Sappy Stanley's Big Announcement

King Acorn (Narrating): "Our biggest rival in those days was Sappy Stanley. With his P-Stacks, he was always looking for ways to get further ahead."

Sappy Stanley: "Now listen to me, and listen good! The Acme Fleet are about to get Mitzi's contract, and I'm not happy!"

Montana Max: "We're not smiling, Sappy Stanley!"

Sappy Stanley: "I'm glad you don't find it funny, Montana Max. Now I want that contract, and you are going to get it for me!"

Danforth Drake: "But how? I thought that..."

Sappy Stanley: "I don't expect you to think! You're a team, the best, the better-looking, more powerful, and dare I say, more devious."

Silas Wonder: "I like that bit about better looking!"

Danforth Drake: "Yes, but what's devious?"

Sappy Stanley: "What's devious is what's necessary to make an honest living in these days of corruption and bad business ethics! Now get the lead out and get Mitzi's contract, there's no time to lose!"

Montana Max: "No problem, that bunch of claptrap cartoons are gonna find they missed Mitzi or my name's not Montana Max."

Danforth Drake: "But it is Montana Max, isn't it?"

Buster Meets Hamton

King Acorn (Narrating): "In the morning, Vinnie had an important contract up the coast, so, I was to lose his great strength on the very day I was to need it most."

Buster: "Hey, Vinnie, Mitzi is coming this afternoon! It's a pity you won't be there."

Vinnie: "I know. I really hate to disappoint Mitzi."

Buster: Hey, I'm looking for a pig called Hamton. You ain't seen him?"

Vinnie: "Fraid' not, old darling."

Buster: "Yeah... Well, he'd better show soon. I've a lot of work to do before this afternoon."

Vinnie: "I'll be back tonight. Oh, and Buster, look after Mitzi for me, won't you?"

Bugs: "Buster, has that pig found you yet?"

Buster: "No, not yet."

Bugs: "Well, he's looking for you!"

Buster: "Oh, I'd better go look for him."

(Hamton whistles)

Buster: "Oi! Slow down!" (Hamton bumps into Buster)

Hamton: "Uh, sorry, Sir."

Buster: "Yeah, well, watch it in the future."

Hamton: "I was, uh, I was looking for Buster, uh, Sir."

Buster: "Yeah, well you just found him."

Hamton: "Ah! I'm Hamton, Sir."

Buster: "It's good to meet you. Come on, let's get to work. The Acme Fleet's bringing in a famous visitor this afternoon, and if we get a move on, we'll be finished in time to watch."

Hamton: "Yes, Sir!"

Buster: "Now, now look, Hamton, you only call King Acorn 'Sir'. I'm just Buster, okay?"

Hamton: "Uh, yes, uh, sure thing, Buster!"

Monty and Silas Meet Charlie Dog

Montana Max: "Well, look what the cat dragged in, Charlie Dog. Ha!"

Charlie Dog: "Hey, you guys, I need a tow."

Silas Wonder: "We don't accept bananas as payment."

Charlie Dog: "Eh, big shots. You towing Mitzi or something?"

Montana Max: "What do you know about it, you South American waste of space?"

Charlie Dog: "What I know, I sit around waiting for nobody to tow me, Mitzi, she come in this morning, suddenly, everybody busy."

Silas Wonder: "But Mitzi isn't due till' this afternoon."

Montana Max: "Shut up, Wonder Brain! Come on!"

Charlie Dog: " Hey, hey, what a day. I gotta get a tow and unload these bananas."

Sappy Stanley: "You sure about this?"

Montana Max: "Seen it with my own eyes."

Silas Wonder: "Yeah, we both seen it."

Sappy Stanley: "Couldn't have better. Now I want that contract, and you are going to get it for me."

Montana Max: "Yes, sir!"

Charlie Tells Concord about Mitzi

Charlie Dog: "Hey, Concord, old friend! I need a tow."

Concord Condor: "No time to argue about fees today, Charlie."

Charlie Dog: "When do I argue, Compadré? Tis' $100."

Concord Condor: "Yeah, yeah, okay. But fast. We're bringing in Mitzi this afternoon, and I need time to look my best."

Charlie Dog: "Aye, but my friend, Mitzi, she already here."

Concord: "Wha? She can't be!"

Charlie Dog: "Si, I heard her already."

Concord Condor: "Sufferin' Succotash. She's early. Gotta tell the others. Sorry, Charlie. I'll tow you later."

Charlie Dog: "But Compadré..."

Monty Assists the Acme Fleet

King Acorn (Narrating): "The Acme Fleet were doing their best without Fowlmouth, and for a while, it looked as though they were going to make it. But Monty was still waiting for another chance."

Danforth Drake: "Well, looks like your plan didn't work, Monty."

Montana Max: "If I could only get rid of that pig, Hamton."

Danforth Drake: "Thinking devious, eh, Monty?"

Montana Max: "No, just thinking contract. Look, they've slowed her right back."

King Acorn (Narrating): "As the tricky part of the docking operation started, Monty watched closely. Hamton and Buster were working hard at their new job when Bugs ordered Hamton to ease back."

Montana Max: "This is where we win the contract!"

King Acorn (Narrating): "Monty saw his chance. When he thought no one was looking, he moved hard on Hamton. Hamton went behind Mitzi."

Plucky: "Say, what's going on? She's out of control!"

Montana Max: "I've got her, Bugs!"

King Acorn (Narrating): "The unimaginable had happened. The Acme Fleet had had to accept help from the P-Stacks."

(Montana Max laughs evilly)

Danforth Drake: "Oh, so that's devious."

Silas Wonder: "Nice one, Monty."

Danforth Drake: "Well done, Monty."

Montana Max: "Glad to be of service!" (Laughs evilly)

King Acorn (Narrating): "Ashamed and confused, Hamton couldn't explain what had happened, so he slipped away while the Acme Fleet was still busy. He didn't know the sleepy dog, Charlie had been watching the whole incident."

Sappy Stanley Congratulates the P-Stacks

Hamton: "Oh, nobody's ever gonna talk to me again..."

Sappy Stanley: "Well, well, well, I congratulate you two."

Montana Max & Silas Wonder: "Oh, thank you, sir."

Sappy Stanley: "Good man, Monty. Right Attitude. Oh, yes. One thing: No one saw you, did they? Not even little, uh, what's-his-name?"

Silas Wonder: "Uh, Hamton? No sir, no one saw us."

Sappy Stanley: "Good, that's very good. I'll offer our services to Mitzi tomorrow."

Silas Wonder: "Poor little Hamton. Just wasn't his day."

Montana Max: "No, it wasn't, was it?"

(Monty and Silas Laugh Evilly)

Charlie Dog: "Aye, I think Concord forget me. What am I gonna do with these bananas?"

The P-Stacks' Plan Has Failed

Sappy Stanley: "So it turns out you were seen!"

Montana Max: "Impossible! I made sure!"

Sappy Stanley: "Don't argue with me! You were seen! Now Mitzi knows what you did and we don't get the contract! What kind of idiots do I have working for me?"

Danforth Drake: "Really devious..."

Montana Max: "Shut it, Danforth!"

Silas Wonder: "Oh, sorry about that, sir.."

Montana Max: "Uh, yeah, sorry, Sappy Stanley."

Danforth Drake: "Sorry."

Sappy Stanley: "'Sorry?' 'Sorry' I don't want to hear! Get out of my sight, all of you!"

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Buster Hears a Noise

Buster: "All right, you old tub of guts, you can settle here for the night.

Hello? Who's there?

Oi, is that you, Hamton? Fowlmouth? Say something, whoever you are!"

(Hamton Whistles)

Buster: "I'm hearing things."

Hamton: "Hello, Buster."

Buster: "Hamton, it was you! Now, why didn't you answer?"

Hamton: "Was me what?"

Buster: "You were near the cove."

Hamton: "Eh, can't have heard you. Gettin' warm."

Buster: "Oh, yeah, yeah, okay. Come on, I must be tired."

Calamity Coyote: "Night, Buster. Night, Hamton."

Buster & Hamton: "Good night, Calamity!"

Silas and Oogie Tease Buster

Oogie: "Naughty, naughty, temper, temper!"

Silas Wonder: "Lose his ears if they weren't attached to his head!"

Buster: "Oh, one of these days!"

Hamton: "Oh, leave em', Buster. King Acorn's got another job for you."

Buster: "Yeah? What is it?"

Hamton: "I don't think you're gonna like it; More work with the P-Stacks."

Buster: "Aw, that's all I need!"

Oogie: "Now, you do know what to do with that lot, don't you?"

Silas Wonder: "He takes it somewhere, then it disappears."

Oogie: "You could make a fortune selling box loads on the side."

Buster: "Are you saying I'm a crook?"

Silas Wonder: "We wasn't talking about you! Was we, Oog?"

Oogie: "Didn't mention his name, Silas!"

Silas Wonder: "Strange how ordinary people can suddenly turn criminal, Oog."

Oogie: "It's the evil inside them, suddenly comes out, Silas."

Buster: "Yeah, you two'd know all about that, wouldn't you, Silas?"

Oogie: "And they can't take a joke, neither, you notice that, Silas?"

(Silas and Oogie laugh)

Buster: "It's no joke. Get that straight!"

King Acorn's Emergency Meeting

King Acorn (Narrating): "Next morning, I told Sappy Stanley, Acmes and P-Stacks had to get together on this!"

Plucky: "I say, what's this all about? Acme Fleet and P-Fleet together, whatever next?"

Montana Max: "We're wasting time."

King Acorn: "Silence!"

Montana Max: "Buster's cargo is the only ones gone."

Roderick Rat: "Yeah, bet he knows what it's about."

Danforth Drake: "Him stealing cargo, that's what!"

Fowlmouth: "Cut that out about Buster!"

Concord: "Yeah, watch it, see?"

Roderick Rat: "Well, we didn't mean it..."

Fowlmouth: "Just careful what you say!"

King Acorn: "I said Silence! Sappy Stanley and me have had a meeting. Missing cargo is serious. We're going to get to the bottom of it, understand? Sappy Stanley?"

Sappy Stanley: "I have a scheme to catch this pirate."

Plucky: "Ha, I expect that there are several!"

Fowlmouth: "Aye, send a crook to catch a crook."

Montana Max: "What are you suggesting?"

King Acorn: "Quiet! We've decided to set a trap!"

Sappy Stanley: "Certain boxes are being rigged with flares that will trigger off if the box is even touched, never mind stolen!"

King Acorn: "So, this is the plan. Tonight, you'll all be out in pairs, maintaining silence. Keep your eyes open. Sappy Stanley and I..."

King Acorn (Narrating): "Unknown to us, Calamity was searching where he'd lost the thief the night before."

Calamity Coyote: "It's as far as here. What about this old warehouse? It's impossible; hasn't been used for years."

One Last Item

Silas' Minions: "You've done very well, so far, Poochy, but we figure you still owe us."

Barky Marky: "You're going back on your word! You said that was the last item!"

Calamity (Whispering): "The thief!"

Silas Minions: "Changed our mind, see. It's one more item. Get it tonight, or it's goodbye to him! The great big backyard in the sky!"

Calamity (Whispering): "I see the missing cargo!"

Silas' Minion #2: "What's that? Hear anything?"

Silas' Minion #1: "No."

Silas' Minion #2: "Right."

Silas' Minion #1: "Do as we say or else!"

Barky Marky: "It's getting too risky!"

Silas Minion #1: "One more, I said, tonight!"

Byron Basset: "Don't do it!"

Barky Marky: "I've got to, haven't I? You promise tonight will be the last?"

Silas' Minions: "Deliver or he dies."

Barky Marky: "You're right. Now then, are you..."

Byron Basset: "I'm okay, but don't do it. It's wrong."

Barky Marky: "I can't leave you here with them, old man! Tonight will be the end of it."

Calamity: "Oh dear. This is a sad state of affairs."

Hey, What Are You Doing Here?

Roderick Rat: "Just a quick look."

Danforth Drake: "No, Roddy. Let's go back, please!"

Roderick Rat: "Come on, and stay close."

Danforth Drake: "Oh, don't worry, I will."

Roderick Rat: "Oh. How'd you know it was so dark inside?"

Danforth Drake: "It means there's no one there. Hey, the stolen cargo! Great! We've craked it, we're heroes!"

Roderick Rat: "Eat your heart out, Buster Bunny!"

Silas' Minions: "Hey, what are you doing here!"

Roderick Rat: "Aaah! The pirates!"

Danforth Drake: "Oh no, two of them!"

Silas' Minions: "Get them quick!"

(Danforth Drake and Roderick Rat run away, screaming)

Buster: "Right, now get ready to spring the trap when I say."

Hamton: "Okay."

Buster: "Oh, let's hope Calamity's got a clear path."

Byron Basset: "Oh dear. Hope everything's okay." (Calamity appears) "What the? Who the?"

Calamity: "Easy, old man. I've come to set you free."

Barky and Byron Head Back Home

King Acorn (Narrating): In the morning, a slightly singed Plucky and Concord led the villains away."

Buster: "Don't bump em' too hard, Concord. They might send up a flare, too!"

(Buster, Hamton, Calamity, Barky, and Byron Laugh)

Buster: "Oh, well that's what I call a good night's work. You heading to Wackyland, Barky Marky?"

Barky Marky: "Yeah, thanks, Buster."

Buster: "Ah, that's all right. Least I could do."

Barky Marky: "Right. We'd better move. Pirates are not welcome here."

Calamity: "Nonsense. You're no pirate."

Barky Marky: "Thank you all for your help."

Byron Basset: "Yes. Thanks for everything."

Barky Marky: "Come on, old man, let's get you home."

Byron Basset: "Oh ho ho. That'll be nice."

Buster: "I'm really sad to see them go." (Vinnie Whistles) "Oh, hi, Vinnie."

Vinnie: "Buster, are those the two you rescued last night?"

Buster: "Yeah. They helped us find the stolen goods."

Vinnie: "King Acorn says you've done a great job, Buster."

Buster: "Oh, couldn't have done it without Calamity and Hamton."

Vinnie: "Well, good work, my dears."

Buster: "Thanks, Vinnie."

Calamity: "Thanks, Vinnie. Well, I'm off to get some rest."

Buster: "Thanks, Vinnie." (Looks at Danforth and Roderick) "Danforth and Roderick, I want a word with them. Yeah, I don't know what we'd have done without your help."

Roderick Rat: "Well, somebody had to flush them out, so, uh, we did."

Danforth Drake: "We never really thought you stole the cargo."

Buster: "Oh, no. You'd have fooled me."

Hamton: "Weren't you just a little bit scared?"

Roderick Rat: "No. Nothing scares us, does it, Danny?"

Danforth Drake: "No." (Notices Roderick backing up toward a box, still rigged with a flare) "Look out for the box!"

(The box explodes, Danforth and Roderick run away, screaming)

Hamton: "They move pretty fast when they're 'not scared'!"

Buster: "They certainly do!"

(Buster and Hamton laugh)

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Roderick Talks to Danforth and Silas

King Acorn (Narrating): "There were time, believe it or not, when the Acme Fleet and the P-Stacks took on a big job together. One of those times I'm remembering is when timber and tanning bark had to be brought down from the sawmills in Wackyland.

And this year, it was especially important that we work together, but Roderick Rat was making heavy going of towing an old hulk on its last journey."

Danforth Drake: "Hey, Roddy!"

Silas Wonder: "Hey, Roddy! Monty's going mad waiting for you! Where you been?"

Roderick Rat: "Sappy Stanley told me to take this old rust bucket to the Breaker's Yard."

Silas Wonder: "You'll see Monty at Acme Loo before you get there. He's not going to like it."

Roderick Rat: "I'm only carrying out orders. Monty can't blame me."

Danforth Drake: "Ha! Don't you believe it!"

Gogo meets Bugs and Fowlmouth

King Acorn (Narrating): A dodo named Gogo Dodo worked in Wackyland, delivering essentials like gasoline, ropes, fuses, and dynamite, from Acme Looniversity to Wackyland. Why a dodo? Well, you can see he's just as wacky, and in Gogo's case, just as dangerous."

Bugs Bunny: "Oh, look who's here. It's Gogo Wackston the Dodo."

Gogo: "Hey, Acme toons, don't you wish you carried something more exciting than wood?"

Fowlmouth: "No thanks. Just get stuff away from here. You're welcome to it."

Gogo: "Dynamite's exciting stuff. Makes lovely big bangs. Fairly obvious if you know how to handle it, like I do."

Bugs Bunny: "Hey, you're not unloading next to us, are you?"

Gogo: "Fraid' so, Bugs. Don't worry. If it goes up, we all go up!" (Giggles)

Fowlmouth: "Yeah?"

Gogo: "No, it's safe. Only joking."

Fowlmouth: "You'd better be."

Monty Finds Buster

King Acorn (Narrating): "In Acme Looniversity, halfway up the road from the blockage, Monty was surprised to discover that not quite all the Acmes were trapped.

Montana Max: "Uh, well, well, well, uh, hello, uh, Buster."

Buster: "Monty, hey, what are you doing here?"

Montana Max: "I thought you were at the logging camp."

Buster: "Yeah, wrong again, Monty.

I was pulled out for this special delivery, to Acme Loo; Machinery for cutting timber."

Montana Max: "I thought all the Acmes were in Wackyland."

Buster: "Yeah, what's been happening, Monty?"

Montana Max: "Uh, there's been an accident. An old trailer is jammed across the road."

Buster: "What? Oh, you mean no one can get through?"

Montana Max: "Yeah, that's right. You've got it, Buster. Oh, my, you're quick!"

Buster: "Oh, no! We'll get behind schedule! All my friends are trapped in Wackyland!"

Montana Max: "And Roddy, the fool."

Buster: "Right. I'll drop off my delivery, and get right up there. Monty, are you going back to Acme Acres to get help?"

Montana Max: "Of course, to tell Sappy Stanley, don't fret."

Buster: "Tell King Acorn, won't you?"

Montana Max: "Of course!"

Buster: "And salvage!"

Montana Max: "King Acorn, Sappy Stanley, the Salvage Team, leave em' all to me!"

Hamton Finds Gogo

Gogo: "Hello, It's Hamton. How's life in Acme Acres, eh? Hamton?"

Hamton: "Gogo Dodo! Hey! Hey, where's the biggest crane around here? Is there still one in Wackyland?

Gogo: "Fraid' not. It was scrapped. What did you want it for?"

Hamton: "Uh, there's been an accident. An old trailer has flown across the road and trapped us up here. Do you know anybody who can help?"

Gogo: "Right here. See that case?"

Hamton: "Yeah? Oh, no! Not dynamite! Gogo!"

Gogo: "What do you mean 'Oh no?' That will blow a hole in any trailer. I've always wanted to blast someone out of trouble. Useful stuff, dynamite. Great fun, too."

Hamton: "Sounds dangerous."

Gogo: "Not scared, are you? Come on, come on!"

Gogo's Big Bang

Gogo Dodo: "10, 9, 8..."

Montana Max: "Roddy?"

Gogo Dodo: "7, 6..."

Montana Max: "Roddy?"

Gogo Dodo: "5, 4..."

Montana Max: "Answer me, you fool!"

Gogo Dodo: "3, 2, 1, FIRE!"

(The Dynamite destroys the trailer. The impact from the explosion pushes Montana Max onto some rocks)

Montana Max: "Aaah! What's happening? Oooh! Aaah!"

Gogo Dodo: "Geronimo! What a sight! What a bang! Brilliant!"

(Fowlmouth, Bugs, Plucky, Hamton, and Roderick cheer as they charge forward)

Gogo Dodo: "Come on, lads!"

Bugs Bunny: "Well done!"

Fowlmouth: "Ooh, you got a problem there, Monty?"

Montana Max: "Oh, yeah?"

(The Acme Fleet laughs)

Hamton: "Hey, Roddy, Roddy, doesn't Monty look funny, eh, stuck up on those rocks?"

Roderick Rat: "Oh, well, uh, uh, I suppose that, uh..."

(The Acme Fleet continues to laugh)

Montana Max: "Stop laughing! Stop laughing! It's not funny!"

Hamton: "Well, we think it is, eh, don't we, Roddy?

Roderick Rat: "Uh, yeah, uh, no."

Bugs Bunny: "All right, joke's over. Back to pick up our cargo. Problem solved."

Gogo Dodo: "Thanks to me, you didn't believe I'm an expert, did you?"

Hamton: "Aye, true."

Plucky: "Well, there was an element of luck, I suppose, but I must say, I am quite impressed."

Gogo Dodo: "Well, I can't play any more games with you, I've got real work to do."

Hamton: "Bye, Gogo!"

King Acorn (Narrating): "For once in his life, Gogo had done a great job."

Montana Max: "Never mind him, what about me?"

Buster: "In trouble, Monty? Looks like you got crushed instead of Banjo Possum."

King Acorn (Narrating): "Ha ha ha. The only thing Monty succeeded in doing that day, was trapping himself instead of the Acme Toons."

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Regatta/4th of July

No Garbage Today

King Acorn (Narrating): "Whilst the rescue of Babs Bunny was going on, Concord was surprised to find Melvin the Monster, the garbage monster basking in the sun, instead of working on the heaps of steaming garbage behind him."

Concord: "Morning, Mel. Nice day for garbage."

Melvin: "There's no garbage today."

Concord: "What do you mean no garbage today? There's heaps behind you!"

Melvin: "No garbage today!"

Concord: "But I've got to have garbage. You know, I've gotta have garbage. Dizzy here needs garbage. We all need garbage!"

Melvin: "It's a festival day or something, so there's no garbage."

Blink Winkleman: "Is that you, Concord?"

Concord: "Uh, yes, sir. It's me, sir."

Blink Winkleman: "Have you got Dizzy Devil with you?"

Concord: "He's here, sir. Empty, and willing to work, sir."

Blink Winkleman: "There's no garbage today, right?

Concord: "Well, I can see, heaps, uh, piles, stacks, uh, mountains of garbage."

Blink Winkleman: "You see no garbage! Concord, Melvin will tell you there is no garbage, eh, Concord?"

Melvin: "There's no garbage!"

Blink Winkleman: "Repeat after me, Concord, 'There ain't no garbage'."

Concord: "There ain't no garbage."

Blink Winkleman: "Good. That is settled. Instead, today is the Acme Garbage Day, a festival of garbage."

Concord: "Eh?"

Blink Winkleman: "The Acme Garbage Day takes place on the same day as the Acme Acres festival. So, to join in on the fun, we, the Garbage Corporation, are going to make our own parade float. No flowers or fancy bits, just prime, colorful garbage."

Concord: "I don't believe this."

Melvin: "This is going to take a very long time, so I'd get going if I was you. Must get going now, heaps to do."

Concord: "Things get stranger and stranger round here, spose' it is Festival Day."

Johnny Pew Finds Calamity

King Acorn (Narrating): "Buster was quick to find Fowlmouth and told him all about Calamity and Babs as he went about his work. They were suddenly interrupted by a shrill blast from Johnny Pew, the naval skunk."

Johnny Pew: "Ahoy there! Ahoy, you there!"

Fowlmouth: "What do you want? We can't stop, I'm afraid. This load's urgent."

Johnny Pew: "I quite understand, old man, but we are looking for one of our coyotes. He is called Calamity."

Buster: "I ain't seen him since we left the Acme Workshop. He saved Babs Bunny from sinking. So he's probably taking a well-deserved break somewhere."

Johnny Pew: "Ah, that may be so, but he is one of us, you know. He is not a civilian plaything!"

Fowlmouth: "Okay, Johnny. That's enough. We haven't seen him, so make wake, okay, my work's important."

Johnny Pew: "Oh, your work's important? Ha ha ha! What's you need, laddie, is a lesson in naval discipline." (Calamity appears) "Aha! What have we here?" (Calamity squirts Johnny) "Oh! What the?"

(Buster and Fowlmouth laugh)

Calamity Coyote: "They're going to blow me up today."

Buster: "Huh?"

Johnny Pew: "That is correct."

Fowlmouth: "What? But he's been a hero out there with Babs, and you lot are going to blow him up? That's some kind of thanks."

Johnny Pew: "Ah, you civilian lot may not know this, but us naval types know when we are past it. Instead of rotting in some graveyard, we voluntly ask for gunnery practice; targets, you know!

Buster: "But that's not fair! He's still a useful coyote; he does lots of things for us!"

Johnny Pew: "For you, maybe. For us, he's old, and out of date. Now I can't stand around here joying with you all day. My work's important. Fowlmouth will understand that, won't you, Sir?"

Fowlmouth: "Hmmph!"

Johnny Pew: "Come on, Calamity, back to base. Target Practice at 1400 Hours!"

Buster: "Calamity! Calamity, don't go! Dive and hide!"

Calamity: "It's no use, they'd catch up with me again somewhere. Thanks for all the fun we had together. Bye, Buster, bye!"

Buster: "Bye."

Fowlmouth: "Listen. We can't let this happen. I'll handle the floats, you go off and find Bugs. Tell him about Calamity. He'll know what to do. We'll save our wee Calamity if it's the last thing we do!"

Buster: "Right, Fowlmouth!"

The Acme Fleet Rescues Calamity

Johnny Pew: "Well, Calamity, you've been a very good coyote. Ha ha, we're all sad to see you go. But as you know, the Navy's got no further use for such a small toon."

Calamity: "Proud to have been of service, sir. Thank you. Now, if you don't mind, I'd like some time to think."

Johnny Pew: "Oh ho ho, very well. And good luck, laddie!"

Calamity: "If the modern Navy's gonna be like him, I'd be better off down with the fishes."

(As the alarm sounds, Buster, Plucky, Fowlmouth, and Bugs approach)

Calamity: "What's that? Why are they parading up here? They're gonna be in the line of fire! Stay clear!"

Plucky: "It's a destroyer warning us, we're in the Danger zone!"

Bugs: "Ignore it!"

Plucky: "What do you mean? And get a direct hit? No, thank you very much! I think they're gonna fire!"

Fowlmouth: "Keep going, Plucky! The more of us here, the safer we are!"

Calamity: "Get clear! They're about to start firing!"

Plucky: "Yes sir!"

Bugs: "Calamity, just do as I say. Grab him, Buster!"

Buster: "All right, Bugs!"

Bugs: "Fowlmouth will leave the logs in your place. Let's hope all they see from that distance is the target flags. Right, keep moving!"

Calamity: "The Navy's not going to like this. Just leave me here or you'll all get into trouble. Please, don't do it!"

(The destroyer starts firing and destroys the logs)

The Parade

Bushwacker Bob: "Hello, everyone. This is Bushwacker Bob of the Sphinx, welcoming you to the annual parade.

Thank you. Now, you know the drill. When the cannon fires, the parade will start. This year, Plucky Duck from the Acme Fleet will lead off." (Cannon fires) "Enjoy yourselves.

There goes Plucky, followed by classmates Fowlmouth, Bugs Bunny, and Concord Condor, all with splendid floats.

They're followed by Silas Wonder from the Perfecto Fleet, with the corporation light float.

Here comes Danforth Drake and Roderick Rat, the Perfecto students, with a new Wackyland breakfast; wood and bananas! Ha ha!

Following them comes a colorful group, Buster Bunny and Hamton J. Pig, with Banjo Possum, and Shirley the Loon. Hello, Shirley! And Vinnie the Deer, just by himself. Never mind, Vinnie. Maybe next year, okay?

Coming from the famous Acme Acres Cafe is Montana Max, with the loudest float of the day.

Nice music, guys. Very nice music.

Well done everyone, you all look splendid! Sphinx and I consider this to be the best year yet! This means, and hold it, yes, that you've all won a prize!

Okay, okay, thanks to you all. Now, enough parading, let's get this party going!"

More Coming Soon


Johnny Pew Orders Vinnie

King Acorn (Narrating): To run a fleet of toons, you have to be prepared to take on any job. One of the most difficult and dangerous was handling the big naval munitions. On this day, I remember Vinnie had brought the naval agent, Gotcha Grabmore in from the base up the coast. Usually, a familiar and safe routine. But, it had been a rough journey, real rough, and as if that wasn't enough, he had to suffer Johnny Pew, the officious naval skunk."

Johnny Pew: "Attention! Attention, you, Vinnie!"

Vinnie: "Attention nothing. I'm finished here, old darling. Moving out."

Johnny Pew: "Oh no, you don't, not till' I check things out!"

Vinnie: "Check all you like, sweetheart. I'm needed elsewhere."

Johnny Pew: "You're under Navy jurisdiction! Obey orders, and wait until I've made my inspection!"

Vinnie: "I am under jurisdiction, King Acorn's. A little weight-washer like you doesn't tell me what to do!"

Johnny Pew: "Ha! We'll see about that, laddie. Vinnie, here, wait! Stay right where you are, that is an order!"

Vinnie: "Toodle-oo."

Johnny Pew: "Upstart civilian! I'll get you in a Naval convoy one day and I'll teach you a lesson or two, and then you'll know what orders are all about!"

Vinnie: "Yuck. That Johnny. He's orders-mad. Orders come before common sense in naval terms."

Bugs: (Sighs) "I've had a barney with him, too, Vinnie. 'Keep those cones in line', he shouts, as if I haven't done this job every naval exercise. 'Report to me when you're finished', he says. Thinks I'm too old for this work, he does." (Notices cargo being loaded aboard Gotcha Grabmore's cargo boxes) "Hey, do you know what they're doing? They're loading munitions and taking fuel aboard the same boxes. Heh. Dangerous workmanship, that is."

Vinnie: "Well, Bugs, me dear, I'm gonna to have a bit of a rest at Weenie Burger. Been a hard day, and I feel a bit low."

Bugs: "Uh oh."

Johnny Pew: "Keep them in line! Stay true to the Marines! I'll check them after I've done my inspection!"

Bugs: "We should work together, not fight each other! Never fought when I was a young rabbit."

King Acorn's Naval Announcement

King Acorn: "Right, Acme Fleet. We're on surfacing Naval maneuvers again."

(The Acme Fleet groans)

King Acorn: "Bugs' laying marker cones in the old dock area. Remember; no shortcuts. Use the official entry. You all know the Navy."

(The Acme Fleet grumble)

King Acorn: "Don't grumble, it's a good regular contract. Just get on with it. Your loads are munitions. You're lucky, P-Stacks Fleet have got the explosives, so give them a wide burst. Make myself clear, Concord, no high wakes!"

Concord: "I don't make high wakes, King Acorn, no sir."

King Acorn: "Not much. Daily garbage detail for you."

Plucky: "Uhhh. This means we'll have Johnny Pew flapping around us. I can't stand that skunk. What a terrible bore he is with his orders, isn't he?"

Concord: "You do the garbage detail, then."

(The rest of the Acme Fleet laughs as Plucky is shocked)

Plucky: "ME? How can you suggest such a thing?"

King Acorn: "I'll have less talk from you, Plucky, or you will find yourself on garbage!"

(The rest of the Acme Fleet laughs again)

Plucky: "That is not funny. It would ruin my image."

(The Acme Fleet continues laughing)

King Acorn: "Okay, crew, stow it! Plucky!"

Plucky: "Yes?"

King Acorn: "Passenger tours for you, and don't argue! Just go!"

Plucky: "Do I have to earn a living with this muttley crew?"

Fowlmouth: "Oi, you..."

Buster: "King Acorn, we've just about had enough of Plucky's insults."

Fowlmouth: "Aye."

Buster: "He's more trouble than he's worth."

Hamton: "Aye, and you said that wasn't very much, didn't you, Buster, eh?"

(Fowlmouth laughs)

King Acorn: "I said stow it! Buster, go to the Acme Workshop, pick up the brand-new Acme Line oil drum, get it filled, and take it to the Naval Yard!"

Buster: "Right, Sir."

Hamton: "Well said, Buster. He's a pain in the butt."

(Fowlmouth laughs)

Buster: "The way he moves his head about, I'd say he's a pain in the neck!"

Fowlmouth: "That's right!"

King Acorn: "Hamton, go to the alley, pick up Digeri Dingo. They finished the work on the bridge. Take him home."

Hamton: "All right, then. Good. I like my job."

King Acorn: "Fowlmouth, thanks for winning us the steel contract."

Fowlmouth: "That's okay, sir."

King Acorn: "You pick up the last girder, then back here."

Operation: Explosives

King Acorn (Narrating) The P-Stacks were in Wackyland at the Munitions Factory. They were there to collect explosives for the navy. It was a very dangerous operation, but worth a great deal of money to Sappy Stanley, who had put Montana Max in charge."

Montana Max: "Now listen, you two. Towing this lot's the tricky bit. Silas, move up first.

Silas Wonder: "Right."

Montana Max: "Go slow and don't take any nonsense from the Acme Mob. Show them explosives don't scare us. If they come too close, just..."

Silas Wonder: "Blow them up!"

Montana Max: "Yeah, but with your hooter, dummy. No silly games, okay? You don't have to be that brave."

Silas Wonder: "Okay, Monty, sir."

Montana Max: "And watch out for the naval twerp, Johnny Pew. Your job is to deliver that cargo directly to naval agent, Gotcha Grabmore. If Johnny gives you different orders, ignore him and refer him to me! Just keep it steady! Keep flying that Danger Flag!

Oogie, next!"

Oogie: "But Johnny Pew told me he was in charge, and that I must obey orders."

Montana Max: "You are, mine, remember that!"

Oogie: "I'll remember that, Monty, sir."

Montana Max: "Eat your heart out, Acme Stacks! This trip's worth 20 garbage cans, passenger trips, or steel tows, he, if we don't get blown up. Right, easy does it."

Johnny Pew Orders Buster

Johnny Pew: "Ahoy! Ahoy there! Ahoy! You, with the fuel drum, you're in my way, and you're idle. I don't like idle rabbits, so move and move fast! That is an order!"

Buster: "Oi! Oi! You naval twit! You scraped a brand new drum, deliberately!"

Johnny Pew: "I gave an order to move out of my way, and its obviously most undisciplined I've ever walked in! If I order you to jump, you jump! and that drum is conscripted for a naval purpose, and if I want to scrape it, I will! I'll scrape you, too, if you don't get to your post on time!"

Buster: "I'm always on time, and you know it!"

Johnny Pew: "Aye, you'd better be, or I'll have you jailed in juvie! It's about time you fancy Acmes started living up to your name, now! And get some energy in your body and start moving your feet! Mobilization! That is what I want, Mobilization!

Buster: "Oi! Oi, Oi, you, come back here! Oi! You just scraped it again! Wait!" (Sighs) "P-Stacks are bad enough, but Johnny, he's something else."

Plucky Tells Wade He'll Be Late

Bertie: "Someone's having a dockside celebration!"

Plucky: "Oh no, if there was a party, I would have been invited!"

Hubie: "Perhaps they don't need a green-feathered high-brow."

(Hubie and Bertie laugh)

Plucky: "Very droll. Certainly wouldn't want low-lifes like you there." (Siren blares) "Hey, what's that?"

Wade Pig: "Emergency! Emergency! Leave them and follow on, Plucky, might need all hands!"

Hamton: "Yeah, follow on, Plucky! Fire at the old harbor!"

Plucky: "I'd love to join you, but these two are in a right state."

Bertie: "Always our fault, eh, Hubie?"

Hubie: "Never is, eh, Bertie?"

Bertie: "You could take us along. Love to see a fire."

Plucky: "The only fire you're going to see, I can tell you this for a fact, is the one I will set to your tails if you don't get a move on!"

Hubie and Bertie: "Oh..."

Plucky: "Now!"

Buster Survives the Blast

Hamton (Sadly): "Buster should've been back by now."

Bugs: "We must all salute a very brave rabbit, who saved us."

(Buster whistles)

Hamton: "Hey, I know that whistle, it's, it's Buster!"

(Buster arrives, his fur and clothes damaged from the blast)

Hamton: "Buster! What a mess! What happened?"

Buster: "Well, just after I started backing up, it blew to smithereens! Nearly took me with it. Lights went out, low on breath. I didn't know if I could make it back. But thanks to Calamity, I did."

Hamton: "Hey, you're the luckiest rabbit around, lad."

Bugs: "And probably the bravest, too!"

Calamity: "Well, I've been used for a few strange jobs before, but never have I brought in a rabbit and taken away a twitcher!" (Laughs)

(Johnny Pew is still twitching from last night's fire)

King Acorn (Narrating): "The accident was started by a few hasty words and bad temper. Orders may be orders, but they don't supercede common sense. Johnny was right in his way, as were Buster and Bugs right in theirs. But common sense from all three would have prevented the fire starting. Always respect fire, if you don't, it will destroy you, your surroundings, and your friends."

More Coming Soon


Charlie Dog Refuses Concord's Offer For a Tow

Concord: "Hey, there's Charlie! I'll get a bonus if I can tow him as well. Ahoy! Charlie Dog, wake up!"

Charlie Dog: "Si! What time is it? Oh, Concord, it's you."

Concord: "Want a tow? Give you a good price."

Charlie Dog: "Aye aye aye, you wake me up to tell me funny jokes, eh?"

Concord: "It's no joke! I'll give you a special rate, say $100?"

Charlie Dog: "Not even for ten, Gringo. Now you wake me so early, I have all this daylight, and the city very calm."

Concord: "What? You wouldn't think of going in on your own, would you?"

Charlie Dog: "Maybe I do, maybe I don't."

Concord: "You, you are crazy, Charlie. Risking in going on your own for a measly hundred."

(Charlie mumbles)

Concord: "Anyway, it's against the law."

(Concord Bumps into Charlie)

Charlie: "Aye aye aye!"

(Concord Whistles)

Charlie: "I think she is less missed, then you tow me, eh, Concord? Eh heh heh!"

Concord talks to Hamton, Banjo, and Fifi

King Acorn: (Narrating): "Hamton, Banjo Possum, and Fifi were out digging in the estuary. Now, this was a job Hamton usually enjoyed."

Concord: (Humming) "Making good time, all going well..."

Hamton: "Oh, do you hear that? Stop digging! Uh, I see Concord!"

Concord: "Oh. Morning, fellas, and Fifi. It looks like it's gonna be a great day."

Hamton: "Hey, look out!" (Concord's rock cargo bumps into him) "Oh, hey, whoops. What you doing?"

Concord: "Oh, you noticed. No more garbage for me, at least for now. King Acorn's put me on the rock contract for the new road. Just wants what's to be expected, really, me, such a powerful condor and all. Well, gotta go now. Bye!

Hamton and Fifi: "Congratulations, Concord!"

(Concord's rock cargo bumps into Banjo Possum)

Hamton: "Oh, dear me. Banjo, are you all right?"

Banjo Possum: "Just a bit dizzy."

Hamton: "Hey, you gotta laugh at this. Look, Fifi, he's gonna become the first possum merry-go-round!"

Banjo Possum: "Thanks a lot, Concord!"

Concord: "Can't stop! Bye!"

Buster Needs Help to Save Charlie

Buster: "Come on, Danforth, Roderick, help me out!

Roderick Rat: "I have to go ask Sappy Stanley! It's your salvage!"

Buster: "Never mind salvage! Toons should help each other!

Bookworm: "I'll get help! I'll get Fowlmouth!"

Plucky: "Buster, you all right? Why aren't those two idiots helping you?"

Buster: "Danforth and Roderick? "They're waiting for me to become a flat rabbit!"

Danforth and Roderick: "No, no, no, no, no, no!"

Plucky: "Yes, well, I'll report them for this!"

Roderick Rat: "What for? Buster said it was his salvage, he did, didn't he, Danforth?"

Danforth Drake: "Well, yes, yes."

Buster: "Yeah, well, you said that, not me!"

Plucky: "I can't get under there, Buster, I'm too tall, but Dizzy Devil can get under there."

Charlie Dog: "Oh, oh, the stink! I'd rather sink!"

More Coming Soon

High Tide

Fowlmouth and Concord Confront Silas and Oogie

Silas Wonder: "Well, well, well. The Acme toons. Hey, what side you call this, eh? You needn't have bothered. There's no work for you. We've got it all sewn up.

Oogie: "Yeah. You said it, Silas."

Fowlmouth: "We've as much right to go for this contract as you have!"

Silas Wonder: "Think you do a better job, Fowlmouth? You ain't got no chance, three against one, you see, no chance!"

Concord: "What do you mean 'three against one'? There's only two of you."

Oogie: "Well, you don't do much, cept' get in the way, Concord, so we count you on our side. He he he. Can't stop here all day, we've work to do!"

Silas Wonder: "So long, losers!"

Plucky and Dizzy Confront Silas and Oogie

King Acorn (Narrating): "Several bridges spanned across the alley, the lowest one, carrying the workers. The P-Stacks hadn't connected their tall load with the tide, the highest of the season.

Plucky was coming towards them from the opposite direction, with a wide load, as well as Dizzy Devil. There was no way the Acmes and P-Stacks could pass each other. When they did come face to face, someone was going to have to go back the way they came. They first saw each other at the bend, leading to the bridge, which had the lowest arch over the alley. Plucky stopped when he saw the P-Stacks."

Plucky: "Back up, if you please. It's my territory."

(Little Beeper whistles from above)

Plucky: "I repeat, it is MY territory!"

Silas Wonder: "We're heavier!"

Plucky: "My load is wider!"

Oogie: "You've five seconds to back up!"

Plucky: "What? Well, so have you, then!"

Silas Wonder: "Right! Five!"

Bertie: "They mean it, Plucky."

Plucky: "I am coming through! Four!"

Oogie: "So am I! Three!"

Plucky: "We'll see! Two!

Silas: "One!

Get under the bridge, fast, Oogie! You've got him!

Oogie: "Watch my wake, that Acme's met his match!"

King Acorn (Narrating): "Both Oogie and Plucky were at full speed, and surged forwards towards each other and the bridge.

Dizzy: "Plucky, look at his load."

Plucky: "He's going to hit! Hold on, I'm moving back!"

Oogie: "He's backing up! Didn't I tell you, Silas?"

Silas Wonder: "Didn't even make a fight of it! Ha ha! Oh, no! Its going for the bridge, Oog! Back up! Quick!"

Oogie: "Oh, no! I can't stop!"

(Oogie's steel rig hits the bridge)

Oogie: "Oh, no, help!"

Plucky: "That's real Perfecto thinking, dummies."

Oogie: "Uh, suppose Silas and I better go and get some help."

(Little Beeper whistles and approaches the bridge from above)

Plucky and Dizzy Rescue Tyrone

(Tyrone whistles)

Plucky: "Oh, no! I know that whistle!"

Bertie: "It's Tyrone the Turtle!"

(Tyrone approaches the bridge, which falls apart)

Plucky: "We can't take this one, it's impossible!"

Dizzy Devil: "No, it's not. Push me under the end, quick!"

Plucky: "What? Oh, yes, I see! I get the idea!" (Plucky pushes Dizzy to the end of the bridge) "If this doesn't work, you'll be in danger yourself, Dizzy!"

Dizzy Devil: "I know. Don't remind me, just get me under the end of that bridge!"

(Tyrone slides down the bridge and Dizzy Devil catches him)

Plucky: "It's worked! Dizzy, you're a smelly old genius, nothing less!"

Bertie: "Hmm. took some brain to save that turtle."

Dizzy: "Oh, I say."

Plucky: "I'll never complain about your smell again."

Dizzy: "Rubbish can be valuable stuff."

More Coming Soon


Buster and Hamton Are Late

King Acorn (Narrating): Pinky and the Brain, the evil-minded lab mice, were always on the lookout for old toons they could buy up cheap. Heh, they'd already made me an offer for old Bugs.

Buster: "Yeah, I suppose it's late, Hamton."

Hamton: "Ha, It's not our fault, though, is it? I mean, normally..."

King Acorn: "6:30's briefing time!"

Buster: "Sorry, King Acorn. We've been at the Acme Workshop."

King Acorn: "You know, the lab mice dealers are looking for useless toons, don't you? Now, next time you're late, I'll ask them what they'll offer for a blue rabbit and a pig, understand?"

Buster: "Yes, King Acorn, but..."

King Acorn: "Buster, Bugs is feeling ill. He's at the Acme Fire Station picking up your equipment!

Buster: "Huh?"

King Acorn: "Now, if he's all right, join the others waiting for toons getting clearance from Quarantine."

Buster: "Understand, King Acorn."

King Acorn: "One for you, Hamton, bring in Mr. Hitcher."

Hamton: "Old Hitcher..."

King Acorn: "No wisecracks! Just get moving."

Hamton: "He wouldn't sell us to those mice, would he?"

Buster: "Not unless we're late every day. I hope we're not."

Pinky and The Brain Talk to King Acorn

King Acorn (Narrating): "Pinky and the Brain had a second go at me. Oh, they never give up."

Brain: "Ah, King Acorn."

King Acorn: "What?"

Brain: "About Bugs, that ancient body of his is finished, and so is he, isn't he, Pinky?"

Pinky: "We answered around our graveyard, watching our staff kill off old toons. Do we, Brain?"

Brain: "Always on the lookout for who's next to go. That's our business, and Bugs' top of our list."

Bookworm Catches Mr. Hitcher With His Quarantine Flags Down

Bookworm: "Hey! Hey! Mr. Hitcher! I left you with your quarantine flags up! Where are they, eh? Eh? You're breaking the law, you're under arrest. Get those flags up again, and fast!"

Montana Max: "What this? I didn't know he was quarantined, officer. No flags were flying at all, as you just saw."

Bookworm: "Well, that's pure bad luck, Monty. Whether you knew or not makes no difference. You're infected!"

Montana Max: "But I'm innocent! I'm completely innocent!"

Bookworm: "Get Quarantine Flags up, right now, Monty!"

Montana Max: "You're a real villain, Hitcher, you know that?"

Mr. Hitcher: "I wanted to get into the City, Didn't I?"

Montana Max: "Yeah, and now I might get Microbonic Plague."

Brain: "Pinky, I think there might be some spots on Monty."

Pinky: "I think you're right, Brain. We'll come back and check for illness later."

King Acorn (Narrating): "Buster would have been in quarantine if it hadn't been for Bugs, and Bugs would have been killed if it hadn't been for Buster. As for Monty, he saw out his full term."

More Coming Soon


Nobody Believes Fowlmouth

Plucky: "Slow down! You know better than to travel in fog of that great of naughts."

Bugs: "You're right, you look as if you've seen a ghost."

Fowlmouth: "I, Uh, well, I saw something, I, uh... No, I can't tell you, you'll only, laugh."

Plucky: "What? Oh, look, come on, we're worried a bit serious."

Fowmouth: "Well, I have seen ghosts."

Plucky: "What? You've seen what?"

Fowlmouth: "Ghosts! You know Solley's story about those toons that died in the great storm of 1912?"

Concord: "And they'll come back to get you!"

Buster: "Oh, Fowlmouth, you're not taking Solley's story for real, are you?"

Fowlmouth: "Aye, Well, I'm not going out there again till' the fog lifts."

Plucky: "Ha! Well, I'd never thought I'd hear that from a semi-profane rooster."

Hamton: "Well, he, he could have seen something, there could be ghosts, you never know."

Plucky: "Oh, don't be ridiculous, really."

Concord Encounters the Ghost Fleet

King Acorn (Narrating): "That evening, Concord was making his way back to Acme Acres. Some Perfectoids were following, using him as a guide through the fog."

Perectoids: "Hey, Concord, you sure you know your way?"

Concord: "Course' I do. Do you trust me or don't you? A bit of fog's nothing to worry about. I've got a natural sense of direction. If we were running into anything, I'd know... Good, where'd that come from? Phew. That was lucky. Better head out a bit."

King Acorn (Narrating): "Concord swerved violently, just in time to miss the mud bank. But the Perfectoids were not so lucky."

Perfectoids: (Screaming) "Oh, Concord!"

Concord: "Quiet! When you can't see... What the?" (Sees what looks like ghosts) "What? Who the? I don't believe it! Yes, I do!" (Panting) "It's, It's what Fowlmouth saw! The Ghost Fleet! It's the Ghost Fleet!" (Backs up and runs away)

Charlie and Monty encounter the Ghost Fleet

King Acorn (Narrating): Charlie Dog, the old hound dog, had failed all day to get a cheap tow into Acme Acres, so he decided to try and sneak in for free, with the help of the fog.

Montana Max: "Hello, hello."

Charlie Dog: "Oh..."

Montana Max: "Ha ha! You never learn, do you, Charlie? Eh? Ha ha! Oh, crime doesn't pay, you know?"

Charlie Dog: "Oh, what you talk about?"

Montana Max: "Slipping into Acme Acres on your own without a tow? Well, I hope you run aground, I'll be there, you'll be my salvage!"

Charlie Dog: "Hey, I no salvage! Okay, 50, most I give you for a tow."

Montana Max: "Hey? Get lost, not for 500! You'll be worth more dead!"

Charlie Dog: "Well, I did ask about a tow and I did not get a tow, so..."

Montana Max: "That Charlie. I'll get him one day... Anyway, heh, with luck, there should be a few distress calls today, eh? Heh. Suckers always pay at least double to get them out of trouble.

Aha. This looks like money. Ahoy! You need a tow into Acme Acres? Eh? Eh? Ahoy? You there ahead of me? I'm hailing you! Give you a fair price, get you into port sa... safe?" (Sees what look like ghosts) "There's no sound. What's going on? It can't be! No! It's the ghosts! It's Fowlmouth's ghost fleet! Oh, no! They're coming to get me! Oh! I'll leave you alone, lads, don't touch me!"

Charlie Dog: "It's very foggy. Boy, if I see nobody, nobody can see me. Hmmm. So I get into Acme Acres free. It's good. Eh, you watch where you're going. Why they don't answer? It's funny." (Sees what looks like ghosts) "Aye Carumba! It's ghosts! Oh, don't take me! I got a tow already, it's on it's way, please don't take me!"

King Acorn (Narrating): "The ghost toons slid silently into the fog. Monty was so shaken, he sailed round in a circle and met Charlie again."

(Monty bumps into Charlie)

Montana Max: "Oh, uh, uh, oh, ah, oh, it's you. Uh, heh, not gotten far, have you?"

Charlie Dog: "Amigo, give me a tow, I pay what you want, any price you say."

Montana Max: "Uh, no, Charlie, My old friend, uh, I'll tow you in for free, I need some company getting back to Acme Acres. Heh heh."

More Coming Soon


Buster and Hamton Meet Furrball

King Acorn (Narrating): "One night, out at a busy highway, Buster and Hamton spotted a cat they'd never seen before. He was just drifting. Realizing he could be in trouble, they approached him cautiously. He was out of stamina, and could not go on much further. A rope was alongside him. He had no collar or license. It seemed no one owned him."

Furrball: "Keep away, just leave me alone, please."

Buster: "Look, we can't. You're drifting in a busy highway. That's dangerous."

Furrball: "Even better."

Hamton: "Eh, we'll have to take you in."

Furrball: "Just leave me be. I don't want any help."

Hamton: "Why? Why not?"

Furrball: "Because, well, because I'm a Jinx. I'm bad luck. Nobody wants a jinx."

Buster: "Oh, rubbish. There's no such thing as a jinx."

Furrball: "Oh, isn't there? You'll soon find out. Stand off me."

Buster: "Look, jinx or not, we have to take you in. These highways have to be kept clear."

Hamton: "Aye, King Acorn will do something."

Furrball: "No he won't, nobody can. Jinxes just happen. I just shouldn't have been a cat.

Hamton: "Uh, have you always been like this?"

Furrball: "My name used to be Captain Eddie. It was good then in those days. Then I was sold. A little girl adopted me and called me 'Furrball'. Ever since then, nothing but trouble."

King Acorn (Narrating): "Heh, Furrball was right. Buster had set off ahead, when to everyone's amazement, the rope unwound and fell behind him."

Buster: "How did that happen? Oi, did you do that?"

Furrball: "Can't have, can I? It's you that's lost your end of the rope. I'm still holding my end.

Hamton: "Ah, he's right, Buster. That's the first sign of a jinx I've ever seen."

Buster: "Yeah, well, It won't happen again. Look, come on, the sooner we get you to King Acorn, the better."

Furrball + Explosives = Disaster

King Acorn (Narrating): "No serious damage was done to the toons. Furrball was as good as new, and some days later was working for Sappy Stanley. He and the P-Stacks were on the munitions contract."

Buster: (Whistles) "Good luck, Furrball!"

(Furrball's crate of explosives explodes)

King Acorn (Narrating): "No sooner had Buster tooted his greeting, when the munitions box exploded, much to the P-Stacks' bewilderment."

Furrball: "See? You can't get rid of a jinx that easily, Buster."

Buster: "Aye..."

King Acorn (Narrating): "That was enough for Sappy Stanley. He got rid of the unhappy Furrball, and I took him back, intending to use him for simple jobs where nothing could go wrong."

Silas Wonder: "See you, Furrball. If you need any help dying, let me know."

Hamton's Jinx Theory

Hamton: "I've just been thinking..."

Buster: "Yeah? Thinking what?"

Hamton: "I've just been thinking that you might jinx Furrball."

Buster: "No, I don't."

Hamton: "You do."

Buster: "How?"

Hamton: "Look, every time he's working, we've gone past, you've sounded your hooter."

Buster: "So? It's called being friendly."

Hamton: Not if it always causes an accident, and it always does. Just think, the ammunition box, Digeri Dingo, the rope, the coughing."

Buster: "That's coincidence, not jinxed!"

Hamton: "Call it anything you like, but it seems to 'coincidence' Furrball when you do it."

Buster: "Yeah, well, I'm only going to speak to Furrball about it. Look, you coming?"

More Coming Soon

High Winds

Arnold Meets Oogie

King Acorn (Narrating): Arnold the Pit Bull had stopped, waiting till' he wasn't seen."

Arnold: "Nobody in sight. That's what I like. Time to slip in closer to Acme Acres, and, uh, he he, meet my business details. He he."

King Acorn: "Uh, Arnold's Idea of a, business partner, was like himself, a gangster."

Bookworm: "Ahoy there! Coming through! Customs Inspection! You are within city limits! I'm coming aboard! Hey! Watch out! What you doing? You better..." (Arnold Slams Bookworm) "Oh! Ow!"

Arnold: "Eh, Sorry mate, the wind must have blown me off course!" (Laughs evilly)

King Acorn (Narrating): "Oogie was out, as he'd been told, looking for toons that might need help. Anything that might please Sappy Stanley."

Oogie: "Ah, Arnold the Pit Bull. Oh, dear."

Arnold: "Well, well, well, Sappy Stanley's little Oogie."

Oogie: "Hello, Arnold, I mean, uh, Mr. Pit Bull."

Arnold: "Eh, good day. Nice to see you. Listen, uh, do something for me."

Oogie: "Do, uh..."

Arnold: "Slip me into Acme Acres so I'm not breaking the law, right? I'll see, all right?"

Oogie: "I'd love to, sir. Honest, I would, but..."

Arnold: "No ifs, no buts, Oogie! I need a tow right now. The wind's making me angry. Upsetting me plans."

Oogie: "Sorry, sir, b-b-b-but you see, Sappy Stanley's given me other orders."

Arnold: "Listen to me, kid. Stanley owes me, you understand, so don't get funny or you'll be in deep trouble, and I do mean deep!"

King Acorn (Narrating): "The gangster told Oogie to tow him to the old alleys that hadn't been used for years, where he arranged to meet his criminal friends."

Oogie: "I don't like it here. It's out of bounds for shipping."

Arnold: "Too bad. Now I need food right away, and be quick about it, or I'll break your arms!"

Oogie: "You mean steal it?"

Arnold: "Did I say 'steal'? Just get it when nobody's looking."

Oogie: "Yes sir, right away, sir."

Arnold: "And don't try anything fancy, or you'll find yourself at the bottom of the lake with cement in your feet!" (Laughs evilly)

Oogie to the Rescue

King Acorn (Narrating): "Docking a Magical Creature can be a hazardous business for toons, especially with cross-currents and the danger of this high wind. Usually, the Creature can assist, but Sphinx couldn't due much due to her damaged wings and low stamina. With all their expertise and experience, the Acme Toon team were finding her very difficult to keep under their control."

Vinnie: "What's happening back there? Come on, Acmes!"

Fowlmouth: "She's not responding, Vinnie! The wind's too strong!"

Buster: "I can't hold her much longer!"

Vinnie: "Work harder, everybody!"

Concord: "I've put in full strength, can't do no more!"

Bugs: "We need another toon! Just one more will do it!"

Wade Pig: "Sorry I can't help. I'm needed in case of fire."

Bugs: "Come on, lads, hold it!"

Hamton: "Oohhh... Look out, I'm in trouble!"

Bugs: "Come on, somebody!"

Buster: "We're losing it! We'll be crushed between Sphinx and keyside!"

Oogie: "This is two you owe me, Acmes!"

Buster: "Oogie! Oh, thanks, just in time, you're a lifesaver!"

Bugs: "Thank you, Oogie. She's under control again."

Concord: "Got her, Bugs!"

Hamton: "Oh, hey, thanks, Oogie. Heh heh."

Oogie: "Stanley will have my head for this."

Hamton: "All right, thank you, Oogie."

Vinnie: "Thank you, Oogie.

Bugs: "Thank you, Oogie.

Buster: "Thanks, Oogie."

Monty: "Is Oogie going soft in the head or something? Oh, the idiot!"

King Acorn (Narrating): "Monty couldn't understand Oogie. The P's were out to beat the Acmes, not to help them beat the P-Stacks!"

Oogie and Vinnie Turn Arnold in

Oogie: "Hello, Mr. Pit Bull, sir."

Arnold: "Well, well, well, It's Oogie, back again. Keep doing as Arnold the Pit Bull tells you, and you'll come to no harm, you with me?"

Oogie: "Uh, yes, Mr. Pit Bull. The wind's stopping..."

Arnold: "Right. There's a few other little things I want you to do for me before we go. Now listen, this is what..."

(Vinnie Whistles)

Oogie: "Oh, oh, it's Vinnie!"

Vinnie: "Hello, what's going on here? Oh yes, Oogie. And where are you taking our friend, the well-known Arnold the Pit Bull, eh?"

Oogie: "Oh, well, I, uh, um..."

Arnold: "What's it to you, Acme?"

Vinnie: "We know you, Arnold. Up to no good. We'll hand him over to the Authorities, Oogie. They may like to have a word with him."

Arnold: "No, you don't!"

Oogie: "Oh, wait a minute!"

King Acorn (Narrating): "The gangster tried to back up, but collided with Oogie."

Oogie: "You're not going anywhere!"

King Acorn (Narrating): "Just to make sure, Oogie rammed into Arnold the Pit Bull, trapping him against the keyside."

Vinnie: "Well, done, Oogie. Come on, let's take him in."

Arnold: "I'll break your arms for this one! They can't hold Arnold the Pit Bull!"

King Acorn (Narrating): "The Authorities did hold Arnold the Pit Bull, and gave official thanks to Oogie and Vinnie."

More Coming Soon

Up River

Fowlmouth Asks Little Beeper For Help

King Acorn (Narrating): "At that moment, Little Beeper arrived to collect wood planks from a camp sawmill. He was a great friend of my Acme Fleet."

Fowlmouth: "Hey, Beeper!"

Little Beeper: "Hi there, Fowlmouth! How's it going?"

Fowlmouth: "Hamton's trapped in the log jam, go get help, quick as you can!"

Little Beeper: "Right, will do, yes, I'm on me way, right now, ta-ta!"

Fowlmouth: "Thanks, Beeper! I owe you one!

Little Beeper'll get back to Acme Acres quicker than I could. With a bit of luck he'll see Buster or someone. You all right?"

Hamton: "Oh, I'm okay. I'll just have to sit it out; no choice."

Fowlmouth: "That's right. Oh, I was afraid of that. Heat's beginning to build up."

Hamton: "I didn't like to say it, but I thought..."

Fowlmouth: "Don't, don't worry, Hamton, we'll get you out of there in no time."

(Heat begins to build up in the wet logs)

Hamton: "I do hope Beeper gets help soon."

Buster: "Oi, Little Beeper, are you in trouble?"

Little Beeper: "No, you are, Buster! Hamton's trapped in a log jam!"

Buster: "Oh! Where?"

Little Beeper: "Well, he's just up the lake!"

Buster: "Oh, right. I'm on my way, thanks!

Little Beeper: "Good luck out there, you'll need it!"

More Coming Soon

Big Freeze

Concord's Stupid Idea

King Acorn (Narrating): "Everybody was thinking, but no one had come up with a solution."

Bugs: "Got an idea between us?"

Plucky: "No bright ones, Bugs."

Bugs: "Right. Anybody got a stupid one, then?" (Silas and Oogie stare) "Come on, say it. It might lead to something. You never know.

Concord: "I could set fire to my garbage!"

Plucky: "What? What for?"

Concord: "It'd make a light for Babs' Mother, wouldn't it?"

Babs: "I think that's a smashing idea!"

King Acorn (Narrating): "Just Babs' approval was enough for Concord. The others stared, speechless, as he quickly moved his garbage can out the way and got himself alongside it, started his lighter as fast as he could, to make sparks fly out of it."

(Concord's garbage catches fire, the Acme Fleet cheers)

Fowlmouth: "Brilliant! A beacon for Babs' Mother!"

Monty Gives Babs His Kerosene

Montana Max: "Ahem. Uh, I changed my mind, Babs. I'd rather you have my kerosene."

Babs: "Oh, thank you, Monty."

Hamton: "Don't thank him. Your mom didn't take it, so he's lumbered with it!"

Babs: "I'll still have it. I'm no good to anyone without it, am I? Half-price though, eh, Monty?"

Buster: "Yeah, half price, Monty. Then we don't say anything about Danforth and Roderick, okay?"

Montana Max: (Stutters) "What? You crook!"

Babs: "Well, that's good coming from you, Monty!"

Montana Max: "Waah!"

(Buster and Babs Laugh)

Wade Pig: "Stop! That's our property! What do you think you're up to, eh?"

Roderick Rat: "Just trying to clear it for you, boss."

Danforth Drake: "Yes. Yes, yes."

Wade Pig: "That's not what I heard. You're coming with me!"

More Coming Soon

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