(b. GY16892 / 33080 CE d. GY17649 / 33837 CE) Manifold Legion Senior Executive Magister GY16972-17524: Quram was a moderately pear-shaped man who maintained a late middle age appearance. His graying auburn hairline is receding slightly revealing a pronounced high forehead that protruded to give him a hawk-like visage about the deep-seated, pale blue eyes. His wore his hair cut short and combed toward his face in a style reminiscent of the Caesars. He was 1.8 meters tall with a slight hunch forward in the shoulders. His most noticeable feature was a substantial head – not overlarge but also not proportioned to his frame – a result of his early Legion development before he was selected for executive training.

Quram applied to the Legion (Legio Spatium Multiplex) in GY16910 and was accepted. The remainder of his life was lived on Concourse – the Manifold Legion universal headquarters. He was charted by the Pilot-Instructors for the Magister career track until an Executive Magister observed Quram mediating a dispute between several Pilot-Candidates. The executive saw latent skills in the young recruit that better suited him for the Executive Magister career track. Quram rose steadily through the management ranks of the Legion. In GY16932 he was posted to the Legion Diplomatic staff reporting to the Legion ambassador to the Lion Throne and succeeded the ambassador in GY16948. He was appointed General Executive of the Legion diplomatic corps in GY16970, and became Senior Executive Magister in GY16979.

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