General RAAM
Real Name RAAM
Affiliations Locust Horde
Rank General
Unit Unknown
Gender Male
Eyes Yellow
Height Unknown (taller than any human, as well as most Locusts)
Weight Unknown

RAAM is a mostly silent and savage Locust general with a dark cinematic presence. In battle he can shroud himself in Kryll, which act as a shield. He can also command them to attack his enemies. General RAAM stands several heads above a normal human and has pronounced facial features, with large, bony eyebrow ridges and a seemingly constant snarling expression. He possesses great strength, able to wield a Troika machine gun by hand with ease. RAAM also wielded a sword at times, which he used to impale Lieutenant Kim. He was eventually killed by Marcus Fenix, with the help of Dom and the King Raven helicopter.

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