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These are the most common shotguns found in an Resident Evil setting. By all means, add more shotguns if you want!

Table: Shotguns
Name Dmg Crit Type Rng Inc RoF Mag Size Wt PDC Res

Remington 870

(12-gauge shotgun)
2d8 17-20* Ball 30' S 7 Int Lrg 8lb 17 Lic(+1)

Benelli M3S

(12-gauge shotgun)
2d8 17-20* Ball 10' S 7 Int Med 4lb 18 Res(+2)
Benelli m4

Benelli M4 Super 90 (Riot Gun)

(12-gauge shotgun)
2d8 17-20* Ball 30' S 6 Int. Lrg 8lb. 19 Lic(+1)


(12-gauge shotgun)
2d8 17-20* Ball 30' S 8 Int. Lrg 10lb. 19 Lic(+1)

Striker 12

(12-gauge shotgun)
2d8 17-20* Ball 10' S 12 Int. Lrg 9lb. 21 Res(+2)

* = 17-20 threatens a critical hit within the first range increment. After the first range increment, it returns to its normal 20.

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