(As statted by the Merciless DM)

Medium size Undead B.O.W.
HD: 2d12+5 (21Hp)
Initiative: +0
Speed: 15ft.
Def: 14 (+4 natural armor, +0 Dex)
DR: 3/--
BAB/Grapple: +2/ +7
Attacks: Slam +4(1d6+2), Bite +3(1d6+2)
Face/Reach: 5ft. by 5ft./5ft.
Special Attacks: Improved Grab, Viciousness
Special Qualities: Infectious, Undead
Saves: Fort: +1, Ref +1, Will +3
Abilities: Str 14, Dex 10, Con--, Int--, Wis 10, Cha 1
Skills: Climb+8, Intimidate +6, Listen+8, Spot+8
Feats: Alertness, Toughness, Improved Toughness, Improved Grapple
CR: 3

Improved Grab (ex): To use this ability the T-zombie must first hit with its slam attack. It may then attempt to start a grapple as a free action without providing am attack of opportunity. If it succeeds it establishes a hold and automatically deals its bite damage.

Viciousness (ex): The T-zombie can move at its base speed normally. They are not limited to partial actions and if a successful attack of opportunity would normally interrupt its action (for example: Grapple, Charge, etc.) the zombie takes the damage and continues to move on with its action uninterruptedly, unless the attack knocks it prone. A T-Zmobie may also make Attacks of Opportunity to opponents it threatens.

Infectious (T-Virus): Whenever an infected creature deals damage (which penetrates any Damage Reduction) to a non infected creature or character, the victim to the attack must make a Fort Save (DC 20) or be infected with the T-Virus. Success mean the bodies immune system process it as waste and it’s eliminated from the system as waste; upon failure the virus incurs its full effect on the body within an hour.

Once infected the virus moves quickly throughout the blood stream were it begins to weaken the body. Every hour after the initial point of infection a Fort Save is required (DC 15 + number of hours since the initial infection occurred) or one point of his Constitution Score is lost permanently. This process continues until the body dies (Con Score reaches 0) from the symptoms of Pneumonia or until the T-Virus antitoxin is administered. Whenever the antidote is applied to the subject, the subject must make a Fort Save (DC 10 + hours he's been infected) to determine whether or not the virus is eliminated from the subjects system. Upon success the virus is eliminated as waste and he also recovers any of lost Constitution points due to the virus and any other previously lost ability score. If the antitoxin is administered within a half an hour from the pain of infection no save is required, and the body removes the virus from the system with no complications, yet no Constitution points are recovered. If a person is infected long enough to loose 75% or more of his Constitution score, the antitoxin becomes useless and his fate is sealed.

Whenever an infected person dies he shall raise as a T-Virus Zombie in 1d4 rounds. Dogs reanimate as Cerberus and etc. It is possible for a Human body that has been reanimated as a T-Virus Zombie to continue evolving up to the point were it may become a Licker.

Special Notes:

  • Any T-zombie that is reduced to 0 or less hit points “dies” but unless its nervous system is destroyed or they will rise in 1 hour as an Acid Spitter.
  • A head shot does not always guarantee the severing of the head from the body. There is a 60% chance that a Head Shot will sever this connection.
  • Whenever a Zombie is “dropped” by an attack there is a 50% chance of it continuing to drag on. A successful "Called Shot" targeting the lower torso of the zombie results in a 60% chance of it falling prone, resulting in a legless zombie, if a second Called Shot targeting the lower torso of the zombie is used it automatically drags itself across the floor as a legless zombie.
  • The Burst-fire attack of some weapons has a 70% chance of provoking a legless zombie, the Auto-fire attack has an 80% chance of causing legless zombies. A "Burst Fire Called Shot" or a "Shot Gun Called Shot" to the lower torso will 90% of the time result in a Legless Zombie.
  • Anytime a Zombie takes Fire damage from any source it risks catching on fire. If it takes at least 1d4 (2.5) fire damage it turns into a Flaming Zombie. So be careful with explosives and molotov cocktails! Nekkid Zombies require at least 1d8 (4.5) fire damage to successfully catch on fire
  • Any personnel that would have logically been armored in life is also Armored in Undeath.

Zombie Variants:
1) Legless Zombie: "Ankle biter" zombies, for some reason or other, is missing his lower torso, meaning he is always prone and will chew your ankles off. It moves at 1/2 the normal zombie speed and had 1/3 less Hp. Its main attacks would be Bite and Grapple.

2) Rotten Corpse Zombie: This zombie is highly decayed, it originates from the cemeteries of infested areas; they have a lower Damage Reduction (DR2/--) and 1/2 less Hp since they are more fragile. Otherwise it’s a normal zombie.

3) "Nekkid" Zombie: This type would be found in morgues, laboratories, motels, bathrooms and etc. These shambling hordes don’t trip as easily as their heavily dressed brethren, and since no clothes are worn they don’t catch on fire as easily; only catching on fire on a 20% chance when exposed to open flames.

4) Flaming Zombie: 40% of the times a zombie is exposed to fire it may be set on fire. In this case its attacks deal an additional 1d6 fire damage and anything it touches risks catching fire, and my set other normal zombies on fire. The Flaming Zombie has 1 less HD than that of a normal Zombie (reduce HP by 6), its movement is sporadic at best, with little or no real thought behind it. Once dead it burns completely into ash leaving no body left to turn into an Acid Spitter or a Crimson Head. These zombies move double their base speed since they run instead of walk.

5) Bullet Proof Zombie: This zombie is a normal zombie who was a cop and was wearing some kind of armor. The Armor's nonproficiency bonus is applied to its AC.

6) Fat Zombie: These are normally fat people turned zombie or some how the virus mutated the host into a largely deformed mockery of its former self. These types are hardier due to the excess mass increasing their Damage Reduction to 6/-- and they gain 1 more Hit Die (d12 average of 6.5). These larger than normal Zombies move slower (Dex Score 8) than the normal T-Zombie.

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