The Official Charter

The official RMMGA charter, as it appeared in the CFV, is:

To provide a forum for the discussion of all aspects of acoustic
guitar playing, including (but not limited to) technique, theory,
instrument construction, recordings, performances etc.
Tablature for pieces written for acoustic guitar may also be
posted: such posts should also be cross-posted to the other
tablature groups.


This newsgroup is intended for the discussion of all matters pertaining to acoustic guitar. Common threads include, but are not limited to: Your guitars construction, sound, setup, maintenance, worth, etc..., Various acoustic guitarists, their music, setup, history, etc..., Suggestions for reading material, videos, records, CDs, etc..., Product reviews, show reviews, album reviews, etc... You get the idea. If its related to acoustic guitar, then chances are its appropriate to discuss here.

There are specific news groups for classical guitar and instrument construction, but even those topics are sometimes discussed here. A quick look thru the current postings will give a pretty clear indication of what people discuss here, since the topics remain quite varied.

What is a Charter anyways?

A charter is a brief description, intentionally somewhat vague, that outlines the purpose of the Usenet group. It is the document which founded the group. Since Usenet groups could only be created when the proposed charter passed by a free vote of Usenet participants, the charter has some weight as to the intended purpose of the group.

Some Usenet groups defend the use of their group by strongly adhering to the charter, and other groups are more relaxed about it.

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