Welcome to the RMMGA FAQ mini wiki at Scratchpad!

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An experimental Wiki for the FAQ of the USENET group RMMGA.

RMMGA FAQ Contents


I only just nudged the iceberg: I copied the contents and formatted a single section, to try it out.

Wikia may not be the right host for this; it was just where I stopped looking. Feel free to play with it, but don't invest too much work here, since we may decide to move the whole thing elsewhere. For this initial step, I wanted something free, and easy to use (I've used MediaWiki before). If there is a positive reaction to this idea, we can investigate more permanent options (I will certainly help).

Feel free to comment and forward any suggestions. There is a forum mechanism here (somewhere), but for your initial reactions, I think here is a good place for discussion. Yes, I think we should also encorporate an updated version of the RMMGA Welcome document. No, the wiki is not intended to replace the website.

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