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  1. About this Wiki
  2. What is the RMMGA Charter ?
  3. Where Can I Find Guitar Resources on the Internet?
    1. Newsgroups
    2. FTP Sites
    3. World Wide Web, Gopher, and Archie Servers
    4. What's a gopher server?
  4. How Do You Describe the Sound of a Guitar?
    1. Tone
    2. Volume
    3. Presence
    4. Balance
    5. Separation
    6. Sustain
  5. Tonewoods
    1. Back and Sides
    2. Top (Soundboard)
  6. How Does a Guitar's Construction Affect Its Sound?
    1. Bracing
    2. Neck
  7. Who Makes Top Quality Acoustic Guitars?
    1. Large Guitar Companies
    2. Luthiers
    3. Resonators
  8. Where Are the Most Famous Acoustic Guitar Stores ?
    1. United States/Canada
    2. Europe
    3. Elsewhere
  9. What is My Guitar Worth ?
  10. Where Can I Get Instructional Material For Acoustic Guitar?
    1. Mail Order Companies
    2. Other Resources
  11. What Are Some Good Beginners Books/Videos for Acoustic Guitar?
    1. No Guitar Experience
    2. Beginning Fingerstyle
    3. Beginning Flatpicking
  12. Who Should I Listen To? (Great Acoustic Guitarists)
    1. Fingerstyle
    2. Flatpicking/Bluegrass
    3. Jazz
    4. Other
  13. What Books/Magazines Should I Read?
    1. Magazines/Periodicals
    2. Books
  14. What's The Best Way To Amplify My Acoustic Guitar?
    1. Microphones
    2. Pickups
    3. Amplifiers
    4. Effects
  15. What Alternate Tunings Are There To Explore?
    1. Books/Pamphlets
    2. Popular Alternate Tunings
  16. Which Strings Should I Use?
    1. How Strings are made
    2. How The Strings Material Effects The Guitars Sound
    3. Euphonon Strings (mail-order)
  17. What is a Good Travel Guitar ?
  18. What Types of Capos are Available?
    1. Elastic Capos
    2. Clamp Capos
    3. U-Shaped Capos
  19. How Do I Take Care of my Hands and Nails ?
    1. Hand Care
    2. Nail Care
  20. What Are Tape I, II, and Tape III ?
  21. What Are CD Projects I through IV?

RMMGA FAQ Contents

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