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RM CA/TX Assessment Update Project

This is a project page where we can all add and share information for our assessment update. Please keep in mind, we wouldn't want to put anything confidential on this page. It is a place for us to share problems and useful information with others working on the program. If you have something to add to the wiki, select the Edit tab at the top of the screen. Please post project questions on the Discussion tab. Once we have a firm answer, I will move the question and answer to the Questions section. --Laura E. 20:40, 8 February 2008 (UTC)

Current Assignments

Grade 3
Marc - Chapters 1-2 + Chapter Tests
Shane - Chapters 3-4 + Chapter Tests
Karen - Chapters 5-6 + Chapter Tests
Melissa - Chapters 7-8 + Chapter Tests
Christine - Chapters 9-10 + Chapter Tests
Chapters 11-12 TBD


Q: Why can't I get images to upload?
A: Make sure you aren't using the QA site tool. The web address for the production site tool is:[1]

Q: Hey, what happened to my HTML codes? They disappeared!
A: If you are entering HTML code in a text box you must enter ALL the code needed for a question before saving the text box. If you save code, and then go back in to edit the text or add new code, the codes you previously entered are wiped out. [Note that this apparently applies even if a symbol was previously displaying correctly -- if you edit anything in the box, you need to replace the symbol with the correct HTML code. -- Melissa]

Q: The numbers and text in this problem are different fonts. What should I do?
A: If the fonts look different, then most likely, parts of the question/answers were added as images. If you encounter a question where all the answer choices but one are images (say, one is text), it would be preferable to make ALL the answers text.
If there are places where a problem was entered as an image and it could be typed using the HTML codes, please enter it as text using the HTML codes (e.g., a horizontal exercise).

Q: I have a problem that needs to be attached to a narrative; how do I connect the two?
A: Select the New Question option under the Narrative itself. If you need to create a new narrative, select Create New Assessment Part at the top of the question bank. Then enter your new narrative as that part (it will be created at the bottom of the bank) and add the questions that need to be attached to that narrative to that new part. There is no way to delete an unnecessary narrative without deleting all the questions associated with it.

Q: What is the deal with these temperature questions that ask if the temperature is hot, cold, or comfortable?
A: If these questions are on a Chapter or Practice test, we can't change them. However, if they are in the main bank, it would be preferable to change them to questions that ask students to read a thermometer.

Q: I need an image that would have come from the art/photo library for a problem. Where can I get that?
A: There is a folder in our project folder that contains PDFs of the art library. If you use a color image, please keep in mind that it would have to be clear should a teacher print the test using a black and white printer.

Q: If we find something that is wrong in the content tool and in the ExamView file, we change it in the content tool, but should we change anything in the ExamView file? If no, should we note the error that we found somewhere?
A: I would say that if you are so inclined, you can make the change in the ExamView bank. If we ever DO reprint the CDs, we will use these banks as a starting base. However, don't feel that you have to proof the banks.

Q: If a question appears in the Chapter Test pull down for Chapter X and the same question appears in the Question Pool for Chapter X, should we change the question in the Question Pool so that it is not identical to the Chapter Test question?
A: Yes, however, again, I wouldn't worry about going over it with a fine-tooth comb. Chances are, if you are noticing it, it is probably some weird word problem, and not just a computation problem like 7 + 7 that has been used twice. And yes, the one in the MAIN bank should be changed, not the Chapter or Practice test.

Q: I have a question that asks students to make a graph or draw a picture. What should I do about that?
A: Since students can't make graphs or draw pictures using the computer in eAssess, try and word the question differently. Ask students to describe what the graph they would make would look like. If the main focus of the question is about interpreting the graph, it may be beneficial to provide them with a completed graph.

Q: What is the difference between Feedback, Rationale, and Information again?
A: Feedbacks are the leading questions/statements that go with each multiple choice answer (except for the correct one.) These should be written to the students. The Rationale is the text that is sometimes bunched up with the answer in the Short Answer questions. This explains how the correct answer was found, why the wrong answers are wrong, or why the correct answer is correct. This also should be written to the student. The Information section is what the teacher can use as a prescription if students are having difficulties with a question. The Information matches up with the Notes section in the ExamView banks. This section is written to the teacher.

Q: The rationales are written for each multiple choice answer, but in the tool, the individual rationales are smooooshed together in one paragraph and reads clunky when lumped together. What should I do?
A: It is worthwhile to have discussions of each choice. However, instances when each choice was discussed individually but they are all preceded by the same sentence of explanation are silly.
E.G. There are 14 apples. 2 + 6 does not equal 14.
There are 14 apples. 5 + 7 does not equal 14.
There are 14 apples. 15 - 2 does not equal 14.
In instances like that, it would be best to combine and simplify. If you feel like you need to use line breaks to clarify, then you must make each rationale a separate element, and then use the Y unit to bump the element up or down (for example, a calculation.)

Q: When a teacher makes a test, are questions pulled from all grade levels or each individual grade level? Should standards from other grades be considered in our correlations?
A: Teachers can only pull questions from one grade at at time, so we don't need to cross-reference other grades' standards.

Q: For some weird reason, the tool isn't saving my text changes. What should I do?
A: This is a glitchy thing, probably caused by some hidden formatting that got parsed in the text. In this instance, it seems to work if you delete the entire object, then add a new object by cutting and pasting the text from the original ExamView bank.

HTML Codes

Here is a list of HTML codes that will be useful for the project.
HTML code table 2-8

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