A "true wiki" allows for completely open editing - where anybody, including anonymous editors, to make changes. This openness means that vandalism and other uncontrolled stuff happens. Can RNC live with this?

Geoph: I feel perfectly comfortable using a "not-so-true wiki," i.e., allowing completely open to editing by anyone on the committee, or perhaps even anyone in the FIC (i'm open for discussion on this). If we switch this over to the FIC website as mentioned below, won't that limit who can log on and use it? Conversely, didn't Craig mention that it was possible to do something like a wiki which is accessible only to folks who have a password?


Do we want to ask Tony to add wiki services to the FIC servers? If we decide we want to use a wiki for our work, we need to engage him in the conversation.

Geoph: This is listed under "cost." I'm guessing that once it's set up, having the web space available would be very cheap, no? Would not the primary cost be whatever labor it too to create a wiki site, setting the whole thing up? If that takes much effort (or is it simple and easy?) is this something we could arrange for one of our geeks (like Craig or Raines) to volunteer to set up under Tony's supervision?


While working on this site, I had some problems accessing the domain... is it reliable enough for us to use?


How do you feel about the Google ads in the left column?

Geoph: I could live with them if that's a requirement for having free or cheap use of wiki software. My eye's pretty good at skipping right over them. If we switch over to a wiki site internal to the FIC web, this becomes a non-issue, right?

Content Rights

Note the content "property" notices: "all contributions to Scratchpad are considered to be released under the GNU Free Documentation License" (MORE DETAIL)- do we want all RNC communications done using this tool to be be licensed in this way?

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