Friendships are common at Forming lasting loving relationships is a whole other story. There are many that give the internet dating craze a chance, and most of those relationships fail. However, there are those relationships that defy those odds and become a lasting bond that few could ever achieve. Here's a list of couples that found each other at (NOTE: for individual members, click on the username to get more info [member info coming soon!])

Alicia Lipsky (Alicia) & Mr Potty (Carsten)

The first two members who fell in love with each other. Although they have met and had various chats through the forum, they have never met in real life. Their relationship started in June 2005, their engagement was announced in November 2006. Alicia lives in Canada, Carsten in Germany. Because of the great distance between them, they met each other in real life only for a week in 2006. Financial problems prevent Carsten from traveling more often to Canada, but since he got a new contract with his phone provider in March 2007, he is able to talk to Alicia on the phone several times a week without paying much. Even if other couples found each other over the years on, Alicia & Carsten are the longest-lasting of them. Despite the distance and the financial problems, there is no ending of their relationship in sight.

Captain Serge Stiles & Baroque

A board relationship supported strongly from the start by Desiro.

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