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Major Revisions to RTP2195

1. Combat system - too fluid - make more realistic, more limitation in maneuver:
- in first tactical phase:

o. there is one phase I and one phase II. initiative decides who gets to go on

the offensive. a unit can only be involved in phase I or II once.

i. if you invade a space, you must attack (not defend); you can't make the

enemy "come out of their holes" and attack by taking a defensive posture.

iii. you can choose not to attack if you lose the initiative. if both sides take a

defensive posture, the battle is stalemated. This applies only for battles that are still running from the previous turn (not any new invasion of territory)?

- in second tactical phase:
o. initiative is rolled again. the winning side gets to do combat movement, and choose to attack or defend. the losing side gets no combat movement until their turn, but can choose attack if the winner chose defense, or to defend.
i. if both sides choose defense, the battle is stalemated.
ii. if the losing side chooses to attack, they can wait until their turn to roll, at which they can use combat movement to send in reinforcements.
iii. you cannot conquer a new territory (invade) in tac phase II.

Provinces with still ongoing battle at the end of the turn have no economic activity
Black ops units - include militia, light patrol vehicles; clarify Z-MS strategic strike dropped from over water

2. Economics - more strategic decisions, things to spend money on and take advantage other than military units -
(i) hostile takeover of enemy MG possible, and
(ii) black market/narc processing.

i. Takes place before Diplomacy/Negotiations. You have shares in another MG; you use them to leverage a hostile acquisition of any territory or territories of choice owned by the competing MG (not under hostilities). The territory you seek to acquire must: have a processing station, and not be an urban/settled area. The acquisition threshold (a buyout price, B, "an offer that the shareholders can't refuse") is the value of the territory (V, terrain plus all infrastructure) times d6+4 in megacredits [ie, B = V*(d6+4)]. The seller rolls the d6. The hostile acquisition offer lasts one turn and must be paid for in shares in the seller's MG, of which the selling player only gets 20%. ie, if there is a US agro worth 60MCr, and Mars want to stage a buyout, the US rolls .. d6, say a 4 .. so the buyout price is B=60*(4+4) = 480MCr. The Mars offer must be minimum 480MCr paid for in US MG shares, of which 96MCr in shares must be paid to the selling player (the rest goes to the other 80% of investors in the US MG, for ICC approval, and to local stakeholders; note these are minimum - if Mars only has an even 500MCr in shares in 50MCr CONAM installments, then it has to pay 100MCr - 2 shares to the US player - and 400MCr - another 8 shares to the US MG investors). If the price is met, the territory is sold/transferred to Mars. All regular military units must evacuate that turn. Black ops units can stay put, and must be eliminated for the new owner to gain any territorial revenue - remember, a territory in which there is an ongoing battle is worth 0 economics. Territory changes possession during Diplomacy/Negotiations phase.

The seller's PC may not want to sell - there are only 4 ways out of a hostile takeover: 0_buyer calls it off; 1_war - start Hostilities, thus forcing all divestment of shares (note must be ddone in the turn prior to takeover, as strategic phase comes after Econ/Diplomacy!); 2_make a higher counter-offer to your own MG in whatever kind of fluid cash or shares you have (ie, 481MCr in the above example paid out as retention money); 3_appeal for a legal delay of the transfer by rolling the seller's MGSI in Diplomacy/ Negotiations phase, in which case the transfer is annulled by the ICC, unless counteracted by a lower successful MGSI roll by the buyer [eg, MGSI(US)=68, US rolls 40 => sale delayed; MGSI(Mars)=35, Mars rolls 32 => sale re-instated; Mars has a more pronounced influence on ISC/ICC and critical shareholders, forcing the deal through, essentially by waving alot of cash in front of them]. Shares are not transferred if the buyout is blocked.

ii. black market/narc processing.

Black market: narcotics must be processed and smuggled offworld without ICC, ISC, or police intervention. The black market is a lucrative shadow economy that operates just out of vision. A player can purchase "Develop Black Market Port" for any urban/settled territory owned; this gives __MCr revenue per turn (no insurance available). Unlike civic/public works, MGSI = -5. However, the player's MG can then process narcotics in any province owned on Equateur. Without owning a black market port, no narcotics revenue can be gained (it is assumed to be smuggled out through alternate ports or left unprocessed). Furthermore, if a player owns the only black market urban port on the map, they get to process all narcotics owned by any MG on the map. Note that one of the urban areas - Bangui-Cess - starts off as a neutral black market port. So to own the only black market port, a player has to shut Bangui-Cess down, which can only be done by: randomly shut down for 1 turn by ISC; Bangui-Cess is shut down by an insurgency (random or inspired by player MG), or an infectious disease. Bangui-Cess, like any economic activity, also shuts down of course if it's under combat. Maybe 1 other neutral urban zone starts as a BMP also, making it a valuable strategic objective.

Owning a black market port prevents a player from achieving certain strategic goals. If a player chooses "Shut Down Drug Trade" as a strategic subgoal, then he cannot process any narcotics and can have no black market port.

Finally, a black market port opens a player up to ISC/ICC intervention (by events chart); and worse, any insurgency on a black market port automatically gets 0-9 extra militia (no matter how the insurgency begins). This is because smugglers and other illicits arm and defend their territory against everyone. Police units on a black market port can shut it down if they have at least 2 battalions; a black market port cannot be destroyed by a strategic strike. (So a player taking over a BMP who wants to shut it down can only suppress its operation by police units; there is no other way; remove the police, and the black market port resumes operation. Like Cuidad Juarez, Tiajuana, Naples and Palermo, Tangier, Lagos, Macau, and New York Harbor, the black market is permanent on a decades-long time frame).

Need a chip/piece to signify Black Market Port.

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