1. Ella Bunny-Ella Is A 19-Year-Old Female Rabbit.She Attend High School With Humans. The Daughter of Miss Bunny And Mr. Bunny and the grandaughter of Grandpa Bunny.She Voiced By Mary-Kate as a Child And Taylor Swift as an Adult.She is First Seen at the start of the flim as the child Singing Party in the usa by Miley Cyrus On Top Of The Statues on the High School Island Before Going With Her Father Mr.Bunny to have a tour of Her High School.Here She Meets Sue The Brown Haired Teenage Girl,Her Best Friend & Cory One of the BoyFriend Of Sue. Two Years Later, Ella Is Now A Young,Teenage Or Adult Rabbit Who Does Want To Have A Boyfriend.At High School, Ella is Walking To High School.At The Classroom,The Teacher Says To Her Class,The New Student Will Come To The Classroom Tomroww.The Next Day At High School,Ella Meets A Male Bunny Named E.B & Fall In Love With Him.She Has two Sisters,Alicia Age:5 And Melody Age:11.She Is Creamy-Tan With Sparkles Brown Eyes,Long Blonde Hair Tied In A Ponytail In Her Long Flopped Ears,Later Pigtails In The School Dance,Wears A Red And Pink Puffy Sleeved Dress,Red Flats.
  2. Alicia Bunny

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