Raccoon Brook Hills Trail

Raccoon-Brook Hills Trail

Name: Raccoon Brook Hills Trail
Blaze: Black dot on white (Black R at junctions)
Distance: 2.95 miles
Notable areas: Raccoon Brook Hill,The Caves
Termini 1: Seven Hills Trail
Termini 2: Kakiat Trail

The Raccoon Brook Hills Trail is a marked trail in Harriman State Park. It is at moderate length, going for 2.95 miles. It is blazed a black dot on white and a black R on white at junctions. The RBH trail goes from the Seven Hills Trail to the Kakiat Trail. Notable places along the way include Raccoon Brook Hill and the The Caves.

Trail description

Mileposts 0.0 - 1.47

The Racoon Brook Hills Trail starts eastward from the Seven Hills Trail, a blue-on-white blazed trail. The blazes here begin with the Rs instead of the dots. At mile .3, the Reeves Brook Trail ends at the RBH Trail. The RBH Trail then crosses a brook and climbs a steep fault scarp. If you look up from this point, you'll see a rock that juts out called "The Pulpit". At 7/10 of a mile, you reach the Hillburn-Torne-Sebago Trail atop a bare rock. At 1.1 miles, a gas line crosses, laid in 1949 by the Columbia Gas Transmission Company. At milepost 1.3, the RBH Trail goes downward and turns onto a woods road. The woods road soon dissipates into the laurels and the RBH Trail turns left.

Mileposts 1.48 - 2.95

At milepost 1.55, the first of two junctions with the Kakiat Trail occur and join together. The two trails run together for about 125 feet and then split. The RBH Trail now climbs Raccoon Brook Hill, which has two summits, both 1150 feet high. The first summit, at 1.9 miles, provides an extensive view of the south, while the second summit, at 2.4 miles, affords a fine view of Pine Meadow Lake. At 2.45 miles the yellow-on-white blazed Poached Egg Trail leaves to the right to Pine Meadow Road West. The RBH Trail goes up a hill and then goes downward towards Raccoon Brook. Across the brook, The Caves come upon you at 2.9 miles. 5/100 of a mile later, the Raccoon Brook Hills Trail ends at the Kakiat Trail.


The Raccoon Brook Hills Trail was blazed in 1931 by Paul Schubert, creator of the Red Disc Trail. He named the trail "Trail of the Raccoon Hills". The original blazes were half metal discs that were red with white centers. That was changed to a red disc with a white bar. The route of the RBH Trail coincided with Kerson Nurian's Hillburn-Torne-Sebago Trail. Schubert gave in to Nurian and changed his route. The current blazes came into use in 1942.

Junction list

Mile Trail Notes
0.0 Seven Hills Trail Western terminus
0.7 Hillburn-Torne-Sebago Trail
1.55 Kakiat Trail (new) Kakiat Trail
2.4 Poached Egg Trail
2.95 Ramapo-Dunderberg Trail Eastern terminus

Junctions ahead on the abandoned path include Long Path and Surebridge Mine Road.


Myles, William J., Harriman Trails, A Guide and History, The New York-New Jersey Trail Conference, New York, N.Y., 1999

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