Raccoon City Police Department: Critical Locations

RPD Main Hall 1F

RPD Main Hall Normal

RPD Main Hall Map

RPD East Office

RE2 RE3 East Office Normal

RPD East Office Map

RPD Interrogation Room

Interrogation Room Normal

RPD Interrogation Room Map

Room Information:

CR 4

8 x 5 squares

Viewing Room

As the door opens up, you notice a metal desk parallel to the right wall with two folding chairs accompanying, there is also the viewing side of an interrogation mirror looking into the next room. A stack of cardboard boxes directly opposite, in the left corner, and a metal shelf to the right of those. Coming into the room and scanning around, you see a bookshelf and smaller metal shelf along the door's wall.

The metal desk has stacks of binders with old criminal reports and mugshots in them, a coffee machine filled with stale coffee and various stains, a mug and a notepad. A Search check DC 10 nets a Browning HP/HK VP70 magazine.

Cutting open the boxes reveals both reams of printer paper and photo quality paper, nothing more.

The metal shelf contains a variety of criminology volumes and historical texts dealing with famous criminals. Directly above the shelf, along the mirror wall is a small ventilation fan, and above that, a ventilation shaft(where the Licker enters later).

Atop the small metal desk is a typewriter (of the mundane variety) and the bookshelf contains much of the same content as the metal shelf does.

Interrogation Room

If the characters haven't already seen the contents of the interrogation room, they will now.

Entering in, there is a wooden table with two folding chairs slid underneath. The reflective side of the interrogation mirror is on the left wall, with a radiator underneath. Above that is a camera aiming downwards at the table (turned off). Beyond the seating area is a metal shelf with a mop along the left side, and a cardboard box on top.

On top of the wooden table is fresh electrical cord tied up in a neat bundle (whether the GM uses the shutter controlled hallway is up to them, this could also substitute for or provide a bonus on a Repair check)

A Search check DC 10 nets the Eagle Medal (or suitable puzzle piece/key of your choice) alone on the shelf.

If the characters stay for more than 10 rounds, or retrieve the Eagle Medal and attempt to leave the room, they are attacked by the Licker watching on the other side of the mirror.

Roll for initiative, giving the Licker a +4 bonus for remaining hidden, and if the characters win, they act normally. Otherwise, the Licker breaks through and attacks the closest target.

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